Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Onyx on walk a bouts...

Camryn here: 
Normally my Onyx is a homeboy.  I mean Mom can leave the paddock gate open (when I'm in the pasture) and Onyx won't go thru the gate (into the yard) without being invited.  The girls will go exploring given half a chance but, not Onyx.  Bout two weeks ago Mom gets a call from Danette that Onyx is in her back yard.  Mom yells to Dad to finish making dinner and heads over thru the woods.  Onyx was already heading home.  Few days later he did it again, then again, then again.  Seems he's figured out he can slide between the middle gate in the barn aisle to head off on walkabouts, then he simply walks under the electric fence and hits the trails.  Mom figured this out and now blocks his route out.
Normally Onyx, Margeaux, n Maizee putz around with Mom as she tends to barn chores.  Onyx toddles about the pasture, the cats play stalk things.  Oh, Onyx toddles cause hims gettin up there in years, and he'd broke his back a few years back.  The fact that he toddles really worries Mom bout his walkabouts too, sometimes you'd never know, but if he gets goin to fast his back feets stumble as his front feets keeps a going. 
Yesterday as she cleaned my room, Onyx decided to walkabout again. Again not the norm as he hangs out around Mom when she's back with us.  So off Mom goes, luckily he sticks to the trails for the most part.  Yesterday though judging from his wetness he'd had a tumble into the luckily not deep creek.  He looked very happy with himself when he saw Mom coming for him.  Toddling back home with her all happy and smiling.
Mom thinks he's getting kinda senile and remembering all the walks her took with him n Mo (her first horse) prior to his back accident.  So her called Danette who owns the trails for permission to take Onyx on walks hoping this would make him happy...

Onyx: I smell groundhog maybe?
Onyx: Over the river n thru the woods...

Onyx: la, la, la, la...he's on his own little world

Onyx: to Danette's house we go

Onyx: K Mom, lets head another way...

Onyx: La, la, la, la, I'm on a mission...

Onyx: hurry up would ya Mom, we're headed home...

Onyx: Hey Camryn we went on an adventure, gotta get some water now
Camryn: Nom, nom, nom, whatever dude!
After they came back home, Onyx got a good drink then settled down for a nap.  Mom cleaned my room, did barn chores then realized Onyx wasn't napping.  He was just headed under the fence planning to walkabout on his own again!  Her called and he toddled back to the barn.  SIGH Mom's gotta keep eyes behind her head now as she works it seems.  Onyx grandma (breeder) thinks perhaps #1. as mom thinks he's getting senile or #2. he's looking for a comfy place to go over the bridge.  We'd much prefer #1 for sure!  Since this is odd and unusual behavior for Onyx it could be either one.  He's eating, drinking, wanting cookies and smiling still despite the heat.  Don't worry we're watching him much more closely,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New friend Maybe...

Camryn here:
You may all recall a friend of Mom's hoping to get my sister a few months back?  That didn't work out as the owner was worried a goat wouldn't be the best companion.
So, anyhow Mom's friend kept looking and she may have found me a friend and it's a boyfriend at that.  He's being leased for 30 days while she checks him out.  So far so good, Mom went to see him yesterday and came home all thumbs up.
He's quite handsome don't you think!  I think he's yummy.  Mom says he's a real sweetie, loves cuddling (unlike myself on the latter there).  Says his manners are super good too.  Mom got to ride him a bit and really liked that.  If Mom's friend takes him, he'll be moving to her house which isn't far at all.  Once he's settled Mom plans to take me there so we can get to know each other.  Then seeing if he'll load in our trailer. 

I let him borrow my bitless and treeless to see if he likes them.  He did of course.  Mom got a little mane envy as compared to me...lets just say I lack in that dept.  I haven't mentioned his name because that may be subject to change.
So that's my news, keep hooves crossed cause Mom says hims a keeper.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camryn here:
Since my friend Shy rated her Mom to see where she may have room for improvements I felt it a good idea to do the same for my Mom.  Didn't want her feeling left out you know.
So here goes,

A: Needs Improvement
B: Meets Expectations
C: Exceeds expectations
Mom keeps my fly rug on and in good repair.  Or she keeps me all fly sprayed and as bug free as she possibly can.  She could to better in the brushing department but, being as I'm mostly covered up that can be difficult. Also she really should comb bedding from my tail daily but, doesn't!

Cleanliness of stables and pastures
A: Needs Improvement
B: Meets expectations
C: Exceeds expectations
Another Meets Expectations.  My room is tidied daily as is my paddock and main poo areas of the pasture.  My water is filled multiple times a day (a girl likes to be hydrated).  Mom could however water my pasture daily as it's really quite crunchy!

Number of treats per interaction
A. Needs Improvement
B: Meets expectations
C: Exceeds expectations
While I'm sure with my clicker training most would say Mom exceeds expectations.  I however feel I should get a click/treat with every step I take!  Working on that one.

Stylisheness and comfort of transportation rig (trailer/truck)
A: Needs Improvement
B: Meets expectations
C: Exceeds expectations
Ok, so Needs improvement for sure here.  While the towing vehicle is quite nice.  My trailer is SIGH not so much.  But, it'll do for now, lets just say we ain't traveling in the heat.  Mom isn't into baked Camryn thank heavens!

Level of endearing comments regarding said equine, both online and in person.
B: Meets expectations
A: Needs Imrovement
C: Exceeds expectations
I'd have to say this Exceeds expectations is due to me exceeding expectations rather than Mom.  I'm such a good girl I have all sorts of lovely nicknames: Gurlfriend, Gurly Gurl, Gorgeous Gurl, Whatta Good Gurl...
I rarely do anything any more that involves such comments as "You Be-otch"!

On time completion of scheduled activities: farrier, vet, vaccinations, de-worming
A: Needs Improvement

B: Meets expectations
C: Exceeds expectations
K, another Exceeds expectations on this one.  I'd have given her a needs improvement on the trimming except that I overheard today that I'll be bumping up to 6 weeks.  My supplements have my feet growing faster now.  Hadn't realized that trimmer and Mom were on top of this issue. 

Riding Abilities
A: Needs improvement
B: Meets expectations
C: Exceeds expectations
The Exceeds expectations isn't so much that Mom is an awesome rider (she isn't) it's because she makes sure I'm  happy with my gear.  Ecspecially love the bitless bridle part.

The total :
A = 1
B = 3
C = 3

So while Mom could use more C's, over all I'd say she's a keeper.  Maybe next year the A will come up to a B?  Though that's more up to Dad than Mom anyway.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tarp conquered, so what's next?...

Camryn here:
First of all Mom hadn't ridden me in like three weeks!!!  She'd tweeked her back a bit causing it to want to spasm.  It was bad enough that she went to her Vet.  Mom rarely see's her Vet, only ours ususally.  Her Vet gave her meds, and no riding for two weeks.  Mom knew getting in and out of saddle would bring on a spasm so her obeyed.  Next we had a heat wave, over a hundred degrees for a coupla days, neither of us were much into riding.
Yesterday the heat wave broke, so Mom saddled up.  We had such fun, a few big tree limbs had fallen in the storms a week ago, instead of picking them up as she usually does she left them.  So we played walk over the big tree limbs, made plodding about the pasture much more pleasurable.
Today Mom saddled up again.  First though her decided to add even a little more interest to our ride.  She pulled out a blue tarp and spread it out on the ground.  Then she went to get a post and one of the tree limbs.  As she did this, I rearranged the tarp, just a tad though.  Mom straightened it out, I rearranged, this went on till Mom decided I needed to practice my ground tying.  SIGH  So, there I stood as Mom layed out the tarp again then put the post and limb on either side to keep it flat.  Next her asked me to walk over it, "no prob" said I.  I admit however that I tried to pick it up as I went over, but my feets being on it kinda foiled that.  Anyway after I quit trying to pick it up and continued walking over it I heard a click.  I realized what I was supposed to do then and walked over it from every which way.
Mom then led me to the mounting block and hopped on.  After doing my flex, flex, back, flex, flex routine we headed into the pasture.  I wanted to head right for the tarp to play the game more, Mom said "nope, not till I ask you too.  I came to realize it wasn't all about the tarp, cause we went over poles n stuff first, Then Mom rode me to the tarp...
We rode over it from one side...See the tree's all close together, we figure 8 those lots...

Over from another direction.  Yo might notice it's bunched up a bit?  I still wanted to see if it was food a few times.  I mean everything could be food right?

We went on a tour, poo pile on my right, burn pile on my left...

Riding over again, we rode over the tarp lots.  See the tree limb further out?  We ride over that too...

We stopped and just stood on the tarp too!

In between going over tree limbs and the tarp we practiced neck reining.  Mom's catching on to it pretty good!  Actually I turn off her leg real nice like now, so she's adding touching the rein to my neck as another cue.  Pretty interesting the way these humans think isn't it!
Course since all of this is a work in progress I get lots of clicks n treats.  Mom's trying to learn to cue me to turn while backing.  She's having a tough time figuring out how to ask me though.  She's got good try so I'm sure she'll learn how to ask me eventually. Shoot, she figured out how to ride and take pix, so she has potential!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Me n my BFF...

Camryn here:
Finally the heat wave broke.  We were a bit worried about Onyx, he's a senior now and the heat really seemed to be draining him.  Having broken his back a few years ago he's unable to get in and out of his wading pool easily.  Mom had to lift him in and out, that helped him lots.

As you can see Onyx has become not just a herding dog, but a herd dog.  We enjoy just hanging out together in the evenings as Mom putters about the barn and pasture.  Mom enjoys seeing us laying near each other in the shade of the magonlia in front of the barn.  Sorry, no pix as we always get up when we hear the back door open!  Still I think these pix show that while our relationship isn't the norm for most.  We're BFF's and that's for sure.  Timmy had his Lassie and I have my Onyx :)
Margeaux his healing very nicely, she's trotting after Mom just like always!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Margeaux boo boo...

Camryn here:
Margeaux is home from the Vet, nearest they can figure is she got bit by a vampire.  They were just kidding.  The bite isn't the normal wound on either side of the neck, the bites were side by side.  One was bigger than the other, so something with rat like teeth maybe.  The tissue between the wounds had started dying off.  So, Doc had to cut the dead stuff away making one big wound stead of two before stitching it together.  Right now Margeaux is a bit buzzed from the sleepy meds, so Mom laid her down on the cool flagstone outside the kitchen stead of bringing her back to the barn where Maizee would annoy her.  Ivy and Promise are standing guard as Margeaux sleeps the meds off. 

See it's big as all get out

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....yup she's snoring

She tried to get up and walk a few times but, walks like a drunken sailor.  She tried bathing herself but, was missing her leg.  Poor girl, Mom'll bring her back to the barn when she's more herself.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

This n That...

Camryn here:
Sorry for the lack of blogging, Mom's been busy with human stuff and it's just been waaaay to hot round here.
This is what I do when we're having a heat wave:
Yup, that'd be nothing at all.  Mom even let me be nekkid cause it's so hot.  Notice my tail isn't hanging straight down.  I'm standing in front of my fan, it cools me AND keeps those midges offa me so long as I stand there!  You can just make out Onyx laying on the other side of the gate appreciating my fan too.  Maizee had been laying just under my nose but, moved just before Mom took this.

Grampa was here for a visit again.  So we had Dad's family over for a cookout to hang out with him and Mickey his dog:

Grampa is of course the one with white hair.  Mickey isn't furry no more, Mom took her to get shaved down today.  I think Mickey appriciates it lots in the heat. Dad is driving Grampa and her back to WV today. Oh, and I scared some of Dad's family it was so funny.  Shirley, Dale, n George were standing near the barn with Mom in my pasture talking.  I was grazing way out back.  Georges eyes googled and he asked "why is she running at us so fast", Dale n Shirley's eyes googled then too.  Mom didn't even look up, just listened for me getting closer,  then smiled, stepped out with her arm in the air and I stopped just like one of those reining horses.  They were all "wow, she's trained sooooo good", Mom chuckled and explained the trick was for her to step up with confidance and tell me with her body that stopping was a good idea.  She said they could've done the same thing, so long as their body didn't tell me  "ooooooh, I'm  very scared".

Margeaux gots a boo boo, Mom had appointment for Maizee to get more shots today (Maizee doesn't appreciate this at all) Mom noticed Margeaux had a boo boo yesterday so took her along to get looked at.  Margeaux is spending the night at the Vet cause whatever her argued with has big teeth!  Luckily her's had her rabies shots.  Still she needs stitches!  The Vet tech loved our Margeaux girl, even while having her wound prodded Margeaux was purring and cuddling.  The Vet told the tech she didn't need to hold tight with Margeaux to just pet her lots.  Mom commented that she hadn't realized barn cats would be so expensive.  The Vet said most aren't because most peoples don't take their barn cats to the Vet which makes em cheap to take care off.  Mom is "OH"!  hee hee

Awwww, Margeaux loves her Maizee girl.  Mom put them both in the same carrier for the Vet, Maizee was stressed so Margeax let her nurse while they waited in the lobby for their turn.  Maizee ways 4 1/2 lbs, Margeaux weighs 8 lb so that was quite a sight!
Side note for peoples believing Walmart ad that their flea stuff PETARMOR is just as good as FRONTLINE, it isn't!!!  Mom noticed poor Maizee getting fleas bad last week just two weeks after putting the stuff on!  Her is back to using the good stuff now!