Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Crazy busy

Been crazy busy, happens quite a lot around here.
Ivy our Cardigan Welsh Corgi began drinking tons of water & of course what goes in must come out. So, lots of potty cleanups there. I noticed suddenly, her abdomen was distended as well. So worrisome, knew it was most likely one of three things, luckily it turned out she has Cushings. Yes, dogs get it too, just different symptoms. I say luckily, as top worry was Congestive Heat Failure!  Lots and lots of testing but, meds are kicking in and helping her.

Theo however got to thinking, "if she can pee inside, I can too!"  NOT!  Ivy's accidents were due to illness & understandable. Plus, the amount of water she was drinking, her urine was nearly water. Theo being a male, didn't just cop a squat, he was pissing ON everything!  Our brand new furniture, antiques...and his pee reeked!  Couldn't help but to think of Nuz Muzz as I was constantly scrubbing urine. Went thru gallons of Natures Miracle too. Well, Ivy is doing feeling better AND Theo is wearing a belly band. Funny how he hasn't wet it!

Next up, a friends teenage daughter felt her guinea pigs needed more attention, with school, sports and a drivers license, the piggies weren't getting their loving. Any guess who has the piggies now. Yup, we do! Seriously, they're adorable, eat hay, pine bedding, things we've got plenty off anyway. Just need the veggies, in the summer we grow them anyway & attention. Surprised the boys, with them, Jefferson really likes them, though at two he has the attention span of a gnat. Lincoln LOVES them big time. He'll sit cuddling them & hand feeding them all day, he's such an animal lover! Comes by it honestly lol.
Tiger is the ginger, Hippo the roan   Came pre-named and neutered!

Wait, there's more, it appears we've added a third barn cat. I'd been seeing this particular cat since fall skulking about in the back fields. Late last week he showed up in our barn. Of course I fed him. My girls are none to happy about the moocher, I reminded them both, they'd once needed a soft spot to land. Margeaux is softening up, Maizee just wants him gone, the Minis could care less either way. I posted it on several lost & found Facebook pages. Turns out, it had been dumped at one of the nearby boarding barns. The BO, actually had an eye infection treated before it disappeared to come here. Guessing he didn't appreciate the Vet trip. Found out it's a boy & it took off before she could get him neutered (dang)!  The eye isn't 100%, he won't let me near yet, I'm feeding him, going about my business & he's getting more comfortablein my presence. Lincoln is happy that I'm feeding him, "Good Gramma, you treat him the way you'd want treated!"  Bless his little heart. The cat is a bobtail soooo, of course we've named him "Bob!"  I really need another Vet bill!!!  Again, NOT!
Making himself right at home!