Monday, September 30, 2013

What a weekend...

Camryn here:
Crazy but mostly good weekend, both for me the dogs and the humans.  Mom says there is so much that I should do the boring first (meaning the humans) and then my stuff tomorrow cause it's so much more blog worthy (seeing how it's my blog).
Anyhow, the humans had a cookout yesterday.  Mom's youngest son "Adam" and his girlfriend "Ashley" are moving soon (Wed.).  Adam's gotted a promotion, a job was posted at his work, 25 peoples put in for it and Adam got it.  So they are moving from Ohio to......Alaska!!!  It's in the capital of Alaska, can't spell the name, something like Juno!   So Mom went and picked up Gramma (now to be known as Great-Gramma), Jillian drove up from Virginia with her pupster Molly. Mom's brother Mike and his wife Dianne drove down too.   Chris n Sam had made plans pre-Lincoln to go to the Browns/Bengals game so they weren't planning to make it.

Everyone was having a great time, we found out that Chris n Sam were even planning to pick up Lincoln (other Grandparents were sitting) at home and come on over after the game.  Adam gets a text from one of the peoples Chris/Sam were with that Chris had broked his leg.  Non-Ohio peoples may not know that the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals have a rivalry.  Sam is from Cincy so a born Bengals fan, Chris is a born Browns fan.  They enjoy a friendly rivalry together, they planned to enjoy it at the game.  Chris was wearing his Browns jersey, Sam her Bengals jersey.  Coupla drunks took issue with Sam's Bengal gear, picture a cute little blonde, just three weeks from having a baby being harassed verbally by a couple grown men!!!   Then one actually went "at" Sam physically, Chris jumped forward to stop the man, he did do that but, went over a bleacher backwards.  Sam is crying, Chris jumps up even hurting to protect her.  Policemens came and tried to arrest Chris, the crowd all came to his defense and the other two gotted arrested.  Sooooooo, Chris n Sam knowed that Great Gramma was waiting to see Lincoln, they walked/hobbled to their car, droved home, picked up Lincoln and came here "before" going to the ER for treatment.  Course this made Great Gramma's day totally complete getting hold n love on her very firstest Great Grandbaby. I think her forgot even that Chris was hobbling and broke she was so thrilled to have Lincoln in her arms.
Mom n Jillian got Chris leg iced n propped, & fed him and Sam. Great Gramma loved on Lincoln some more, then off to the ER.  Forgot to mention that little Lincoln was in the horsepital himself a few days with a virus, so Jillian tooked Lincoln to their house so he wouldn't get exposed to horsespital ER viruses.   Luckily while Chris leg is indeed broked it's a vertical fracture, he'll be splinted and on crutches for a while. He can still do his regular job but, no fire fighting. So course this means he can't save lifes and their monies are gonna be less. Plus he'll only be able to help Sam with Lincoln if it doesn't involve walking! 
 And all cause of a drunk Browns fool fan.  Oddly enough this was probably the first time that Chris wasn't a drunk Browns fool fan himself and he gets hurt!!!  Go figure that one out?
So while it was a good weekend, Adam n Ashley had a good send off for their new Alaska Adventure & Great Gramma n Lincoln got to meet, it did have it's not so good excitements.  Tomorrow I'll share some four legger stuff which all be good and exciting stuffs :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better get used to it...

Camryn here:
I overheard Mom talking to the Littles Momma.  Seems I'm going to be needing to get used to the Horse Eating Saber Tooths in the sky.  There is a place that gives hot air balloon rides just down the hill from us!!!  They even land in the field behind my pasture when the corn isn't there.  Mom's hoping she's not at work the first time that happens.  Knowing her it's probably to get pictures of me wigging out SIGH

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Camryn here:
Picture this, Dad is working on my trick fence out in the pasture, Mom is playing with my wheelbarrow in the yard,  the kitties n Ivy are playing, I'm happily munching on my lovely grass.
I hear Dad call out "Hey Honey" to Mom,  he points out to the sky, Mom runs in the house getting her camera thingie.  She comes out "AND THEN" I hear it, it's a Horse Eating Saber Tooth Tiger in the sky, it's growling at me ready to pounce down and eat me....

I'm poised and ready...

OMG, it's coming closer...

My bravery escapes me, along with a few road apples...

I try my best to out run it the Horse Eating Saber Tooth...

But, there is no where to go...

My bravery returns, I run bucking trying to kick at the Horse Eating Saber Tooth in the sky...
(sadly Mom missed the shot of my hooves flying)

This act of bravery frightens the Horse Eating Saber Tooth down from the sky.  Dad goes back to the trick fence, Mom continues playing with my wheelbarrow, the dogs n kitties relax while I go back to munching on my lovely grasses once again in the Kingdom of Camryn.
This by the way happens fairly frequently as we live near two small airports.  The planes don't bother me not one little bit.  Mostly the flying Saber Tooths don't come so close.  Onced though peoples were actually jumping out of the Saber Tooth, I'm guessing to keep from being eaten perhaps.  These peoples had something attached to them that helped them glide smoothly down and away from the Saber Tooths.  Mom says they really aren't Saber Tooths and they don't really eat horses.  She explains that they are balloons filled with hot air, that the horrid roaring noise is actually flames heating the air inside making it fly and allowing peoples to watch horses run in panic to get away from being eaten!  It's not just me either that thinks I'm gonna be eaten, all the neighbors go a running too.  None of us likes it even one little bit, though Mom must like it seeing how instead of protecting me by getting a gun, she comes running with her blasted camera thingie instead? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Change is good...

Camryn here:
I'm sure you guys remember the post with me wigging out after the seeing a walking pavillion last Sat. after the move that Fri.
Just in case you don't this is me wiggin.  Took me a few days to recover, Mom was getting pretty worried bout me.
This was me yesterday, just a week n a day from my move here.  I rarely did this even at the old place, though sometimes Onyx & I would nap near each other it was few and far between.   Feels so good to have the donks on one side and the horses on the other, I can just totally chill & relax here.  I had another proper nap in the paddock again today too. Besides the Littles, another neighbor likes come have a chat with me from his side of the paddock.  He also makes sure to pet the dogs nearly every day.   All us critters are enjoying the new place.  Dad commented that we have very odd kitties cause Margeaux n Maizee are nearly always near the barn or in the yard.  Though Margeaux has been visiting the neighbors on both sides for extra cuddles.  Margeaux follows Mom about like a pup thru the pasture as she empties road apples from the wheel barrow.  Ivy enjoys getting loved on by the Littles thru the fence, she's spending hourse hanging out in or near the barn preferring just hanging with Maizee & me to being in the house.  Mom n Dad get a real kick out of those too relaxing together on the barn patio.  Promise is getting more use to the Littles though she's just not a kids dog like Ivy is.  Tye is happy & content too.
Change isn't always easy, but if you let it happen Change is good!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feeling chill...

Camryn here:
I'm finally feeling totally chill here at the new place.  Actually I've been doing great since Wed. now. 
This is what I look like a lot of the time now.  Of course that's after and between eating sessions!  I even got to take Mom for a little ride round the paddock yesterday, and I haven't forgotten any of the things the trainer teached us in the spring.  Mom didn't even need to pick up the reins I was totally off her seat and leg for turning, stopping and backing up.  Dad suggested we go back to the unfenced area but, Moms said "we're bridleless, haven't ridden since April AND she's not 20 anymore hee hee!
Today Mom cleaned up the loft so this next week we'll be topping off my hay for winter.  Life is good!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Grandfoal photo shoot...

Camryn here:
Grandfoals Momma, Sam has been looking at newborn pix on pinetrist a lot.  So Sam n Mom decided to gather some props and give it a go.  Not as easy as it looks Mom says, there are hundreds of pix I tried to choose a few of our favs...

With both Dad n Mom being Army Proud this one was a must.  Unlike most newborns though Lincoln didn't fit in the helmet at all.  Woulda been cute though

Here be upcoming Sgt. material just like his Dad!

Maybe Lincoln will wanna be a Firefighter like Daddy too?
He didn't fit in the Firefighter helmet either SIGH

Ride those broncs Lincoln!  This part didn't work out too good, you can't see but Chris is behind the curtain making sure Lincoln is safely held. 

All that love held in the palms of Dad n Mommies hands.
Those are their wedding rings on Lincolns big toes.

Mom had done a similar shot while Sam was preggers so they wanted a repeat with Lincoln in the pic.

Lincoln: "Help!  They won't stop kissin on me"

This one is on the steps of their Gazebo.  Is it any wonder that Lincoln is such a good looking Foal?

This one is on their walk across bridge crossing a dry creekbed to the pavillion (this pavillion doesn't walk).  Lincoln had just filled his diaper and said "no more pix".  Emily chose to show the heart on her back rather than her face.  Or maybe the diaper was that stinky?  Biggify cause Emily really does have a heart on her back.

More lovey hands with Lincolns adorable not so little feets.
Hope you enjoy, Mom really liked helping create picture memories.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tastes like...

Camryn here:
     Things are getting better, no more buildings walking, the long ear girl (Ruby) isn't skared of me no more, she appears to be pretty mellow.  The long ear boy (Dexter) is still plenty skared of me,  I plan to keep it that way as he's a butthead.  They had to seperate him from Eve the goat cause he kept biting her neck till she layed on the ground then he'd pound on her with his head.  He tries to grab Ruby by the neck too but, she's bigger and kicks the crap outa him.  He gives long ears a bad name. 
     Mom's been working me every day which oddly enough I'm enjoying.  Kaley the Little who loves horses stand quietly and watches.  Very good girl for not interupting, she seems to know when to talk and when not too.  I'm eating lots less hay cause the grass is sooooo good, and keeping my new bedroom very tidy.  Much better than I did in my old room, guess it's because it's a Princess Suite?       
     I'm now meeting Mom at the gate again and nickering when she comes out.  Mom's so happy to have the real me back now that I'm getting used to things round here.  The first few nights I didn't lay down to sleep, and I mainly stood and ate grass near the side where the other horses are.  Night three I got a good nights sleep, that made the whole world much rosier.
     Today Mom n Dad laid out the mats from my old stall on my patio so I'd be comfortable when/if I choose to nap there.  Dad had to adjust the gate height for the mats, so Mom n me played a bit.  One game was just stand there quiet like next to Mom.  I got kinda bored though I stayed pretty still, I began investigating Mom's legs.  She thinks I need a new salt block since I did this to her:
It was hot so Mom sweated while laying my patio mats...

Mmmmm, all salty...
Tastes like how I imagine a potatoe chip might!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

While I was running round...

Camryn here:
So, while I was running round n round my paddock because of the levitating pavillion, we had a very important visitor for dinner.  Actually he brought his own dinner in the form of his Mommy Sam...

Lincoln all content with his Mommy...

Dad's cold is all better so he finally got to hold Grandfoal.  I'm thinking Dad is gonna be enjoying Grandfoal judging by his expression.  Funny how Littles just bring a look of adoration to all adult faces isn't it...

See told ya, now Mom has that look on her face too...

Have you ever seen such a proud Daddy with his own little boy?  Chris says he didn't realize he had an empty space in his life till Lincoln came and filled it all up.
Kinda bummed, I didn't get to meet Grandfoal just yet as I was busy running round n round n round.  Maybe next time?  Mom says there be always a next time.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ups n Downs...

Camryn here:
SIGH, first night went awesome, Loved my Princess Suite lots.  First turnout in the morning rocked out great too...
Lovely grass, which blade do I want first???

Nom, nom, I'll just eat it all in one bite?  The grass is soooo good here, I completely ignore the hay Mom puts out.  Dad likes that lots ;)

If you biggify this one you can see the long ears watching me from just outside their run in.  You can tell by my headset that I'm being very cautious in my approach.  No worries, they runned off to their little barn scared of me stead of the other way round.

Then "hubba hubba" the neighbor horses got turned out too.  Love that bay roan dude, he yells at me lots.  He yells like a girl horse though not sure what's up with that.  All day horses from all round was yelling their welcomes, I yelled back sometimes but mostly I ate the lovely grasses.

Mom showed me where my waters are, the water tastes good here too.  She'd brought some of my old water just in case but, I like this just fine.  A few of the Littles stopped by with carrots, we enjoyed our visit though Mom kept them outta my paddock.  I acted and looked calm but, Mom understood I really wasn't yet.
Then all "H" broke out.  The Littles Dad had friends over, they was moving a struture from behind their house, to behind their pole building.  Lotsa peoples, lotsa noises AND a pavillion building was walking!!!  Lets just say it freaked me out pretty good....

Good thing I look good when freaking out I guess.

I runned and trotted till I was all sweaty, I don't like sweating.  But with a walking pavillion building right next door I just didn't know what else to do!

You can see some of the peoples back by the run in shed as I runned some more.  Mom tried to calm me but, I wouldn't have any of it.  Then onced I'd begun to calm from that, the horse neighbors began going in for the night.  Their peoples don't just go out and collect them politely and quietly.  They go out and chase em in!  So all 4 of them is running, maybe from Saber Tooths that I can't see and I gets all upsets some more.  Mom comes out to politely and quietly collect me n bring me in.  I went though I was VERY worried, I calmed down.  Then just as I started eating lots more noises from the direction of the walking pavillion building got me circling to get out of my Princess Suite, Mom plugged my fan in and that helped not hearing them at all. 
Next day n today though I turned out calmly and seemed calm, Mom felt an edge to me and thinks the calmness is really exhaustion.  Though my Princess Suite is tidy in the morning, Mom says the lack of bedding on my back and in my tail is evidence that I'm not laying down and resting well.  I'm kinda worried that the pavillion building will start walking again.  She's ordered some Ultra Smart Calm from SmartPak which should be here soon and help me settle in better.  She's pounding her noggin that she didn't have it here and ready just in case though.  Better late than never I say.

Friday, September 13, 2013

It happened, I moved...

Camryn here:
FINALLY, I moved to the new place today.  Mom moved my kitties yesterday so they could be locked up a bit before I got there in hopes that they'd realize the new barn is a good place & that's where their foods is!
So today, Mom camed and gived me breakfast, while I ate she was hauling everything in the barn outa the barn and to the truck.  I mean everything, I got kinda excited knowing what this must mean.  Everytime Mom walked by with something of mine, I'd nicker "don't forget me too".  Mom'd say "don't you worry, you're last loaded but, not least for sure".   After my big wheelbarrow was loaded I did get kinda worried but, then Danette showed up & I knew she'd come to say goodbye and that meant Mom wasn't forgetting me.  I have barely been worked with for months, haven't trailered since last year.  Danette had come for reinforments just in case,  no problems though after so much mud and Mom's talking bout my new room for so long I was ready.  The loading was a total non-event!
Then I got to the new place, Mom opened the barn before unloading me so my kitties came right out to greet me.  Mom tooked me to my new Princess Suite, I kinda hesitated but sawed all the hay sitting in the corner so in I went.  I made sure Mom tooked pics for everyone too...

I'm all set in the Princess Suite, room service is excellant here.

The Princess Suite is gynormous, "thanx Dad"...
Mom had just read that leaving one inche between the boards improves ventilation, quite nice I think.

"Sorry can't come up for breath just yet, gotta eat"...


I yelled for Mom cause something was staring at me, she explained that it was just Dexter and that he eats grass just like me.  I wasn't sure though, specially when I saw him running round after the brown version of himself and biting it on the neck!!!  Mom sayed they was playing, I think he was trying to eat the other one!

Margeaux, much like me found her food right away...

Then she went out to explore my patio & paddock to report her findings back to me..

Maizee was intent on checking the inside of our new home out...

Then she chilled either on the cushions you can see behind her, or in the barn door.  She only ventured out of the barn when she spotted Ivy.  She was all happy bout that, cuddling right up purring "oh there you are, I've missed you"...

Besides the odd creatures eating each other next door, my room really does have an awesome view...

Mom sayed that God probably painted tonights sky all these colors just to welcome me to the neighborhood.
The plan had been for me to get turned out in my paddock after spending a few hours in the Princess Suite.  But, it was quite windy so Mom felt it best for me to just wait till tomorrow.  My fan club did come to greet me.  Sorry, no pix of the kids Mom forgot SIGH.  Kaley fell head over heels in love of course, she's such a sweetie and knows how to give treats and pet my nose really good.  Lil Jake was kinda scared but, Mom helped him give me treats.  He calmed down onced I played "honk the bike horn & fetched a ball Mom tossed in my stall".  The littlest Little Joshua is really little, but I did manage to reach out to snuffles his hair, it smelled good.  The Littles Momma later said she apologizes in advance cause she has a feeling that Kaley will be stalking Mom for opportunities to vist me :)  As she told Mom this Kaley appeared out of no where which had Mom laughing.
Mom is loving having me back where I should be, which is in the back yard. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Be moving this week...

Camryn here:
Finally, I'm gonna make the move to the new place this week.  Don't know who will be happier me or Mom.  Probably me since I've been on dry lot since my escape late last week!!!  Dad's gotta finish my stall window, and tweak the patio gate since Mom noticed it's hard to open minus the rubber mats she's gonna put down on them.  While Dad installed my stall door latch and worked on the window, Mom made sure my paddock area was safe, removed old burn barrel, pounded in staples that were sticking out of the barn, she moved things that while I couldn't access them, she knew I'd try to up into the loft.  She started back to work today, during a heat wave of course, plus her cold it made for a rough first day back she said.  She's working tomorrow too, then I'll be moving either Thurs. or Fri. at the latest.  The day depends on what time some delivery guys make it to the house on Thurs.  She says most likely on Fri. so she can be sure to have everything just right for me n my kitties.
Being sick Mom still can't go visit Grandfoal, Sam has been wonderful making sure that Mom gets her daily dose of Lincoln by texting a pix:

He's sound asleep in his car seat heading for his first Dr. check up.  Sooooo sweet and of course he checked out just fine.  I understand that rarely are his eyes open, that he's either sleeping or eating, or sleeping while eating LOL.  Yup part Haflinger for sure.  In this pic Lincoln looks just like his Daddy when he was a wee guy.  Mom is feeling better, she wants to play it safe though and is holding off till Sat. figuring both she and Dad will be well again.  Sam has been missing having medium rare steaks while preggers so Dad is gonna cook one up special just for her.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Been hijacked..

Camryn here:
I'm afraid my blog has been at least temporarily hijacked by our Lincoln.  I don't mind as I'm not doing much of anything interesting AND since he is my Grandfoal, I'll share. 

Yup that's Mom just going all goo goo over Lincoln.  But, the real story is the giraffe looking on.  See Dad is Chris StepDad, so at one point he mistakingly made mention to Mom that the baby would not make him a Grandpa.  I say mistakingly as Dad has put more of himself into Chris than Chris bio Dad.  Chris even told Mom if he's half the Dad that Dad has been to him, he knows he'll do an awesome job being Lincoln's Daddy. 
Mom informed Dad that Grandfoal comes into the world as a blank slate, that in the world of Grandparenting it be totally up to him to determine what the relationship would be.  That she could only hope he'd realize this AND if he didn't that he'd darn well better pretend otherwise!!!  So, back to the Giraffe, Grandfoal's nursery has a Giraffe theme.  Once we'd been asked to go to the waiting room while Sam n Chris brought Grandfoal into the world, Dad went to the restroom.  He came back all excited asking if we'd seen the huge Giraffe in the gift shop there.  Then he turned all little kid asking Mom "can I buy it",  Mom said "it probly costs lots", Dad said "I know I already looked".  So Mom said yes he could buy it.  Off they went to the gift shop, Dad made the lady attach a the blue bow to his neck and carried it to the waiting room so pleased and excited that he had this treasure just for Grandoal.  Mom was just sooooo tickled that Dad is getting totally into "Grampa role".  Dad "now Grampa thru n thru" is also talking bout adding a crib in the new house!  Coarse while Mom has always loved n adored Dad, this has made her love him even more. 
Chris bio Dad by the way showed up at the last minute bearing a box of cigars, saw the giraffe and his "I'm an important person" mode dropped but, just for a bit.  Mom had just made mention that he'd called three hours before that he was on the way (45 minute drive), so where was he before he finally showed up.  Sam's StepDad who was also there (her bio Dad wasn't) said to Mom "the important Grampa's are both here".  So very right he was/is.  Chris bio Dad onced we were being taken back to see the new family barged ahead of everyone, my Dad noticed this and dropped back, waited for Sam's Mom and escorted her to the front.  Mom n Dad's feelings are that having given birth to Lincoln's Mommy she deserved to be first in line.  Which is as it should be I feel having been a Mom myself on a few occasions.

This is Lincoln on day two, since Mom now has Dad's cold she can't go see Lincoln.  So she called Chris saying she was having withdrawls, he texted this adorably sweet pic of our lil man.  I'm certain he's dreaming of wearing his cowboy boots and galloping me thru the fields out back :)