Friday, September 20, 2013

Grandfoal photo shoot...

Camryn here:
Grandfoals Momma, Sam has been looking at newborn pix on pinetrist a lot.  So Sam n Mom decided to gather some props and give it a go.  Not as easy as it looks Mom says, there are hundreds of pix I tried to choose a few of our favs...

With both Dad n Mom being Army Proud this one was a must.  Unlike most newborns though Lincoln didn't fit in the helmet at all.  Woulda been cute though

Here be upcoming Sgt. material just like his Dad!

Maybe Lincoln will wanna be a Firefighter like Daddy too?
He didn't fit in the Firefighter helmet either SIGH

Ride those broncs Lincoln!  This part didn't work out too good, you can't see but Chris is behind the curtain making sure Lincoln is safely held. 

All that love held in the palms of Dad n Mommies hands.
Those are their wedding rings on Lincolns big toes.

Mom had done a similar shot while Sam was preggers so they wanted a repeat with Lincoln in the pic.

Lincoln: "Help!  They won't stop kissin on me"

This one is on the steps of their Gazebo.  Is it any wonder that Lincoln is such a good looking Foal?

This one is on their walk across bridge crossing a dry creekbed to the pavillion (this pavillion doesn't walk).  Lincoln had just filled his diaper and said "no more pix".  Emily chose to show the heart on her back rather than her face.  Or maybe the diaper was that stinky?  Biggify cause Emily really does have a heart on her back.

More lovey hands with Lincolns adorable not so little feets.
Hope you enjoy, Mom really liked helping create picture memories.


  1. Wow so sweet. Love them all but the last one really gets my vote. Humans and especially their foals have such lovely hooves.

    1. That was our fav of the feeties pix too. Hard to do cause Chris thumb wasn't feeling cooperative hee hee

  2. The photos are all beautiful. I can't even begin to pick a favorite - each picture I'd say, "Oooo, now, that's my favorite!" Then, I'd see the next photo.
    So very cool.
    Well done!

    1. Yeah, Mom has the same prob picking her favs. So her figured we'd just post the ones that made her smile feel big.

  3. Love them all!! Like Dreaming, I can't pick a favorite. The one with the rings on his toes is a cool one, though. And of course the couple with Emily! But the rest are very cool too!

    1. Thanx, maybe Mom can repeat the family by the fence one every year.