Sunday, September 8, 2013


Camryn here:
Sooooooo excited, Grandfoal/colt "Lincoln Erich" came into the world yesterday.  While I haven't met him yet, I got to see pix and OMG never has there been a more beautiful Grandfoal!!!  Even Dad who isn't overly excitable about such things, just couldn't stop saying "he's gorgeous, he's beautiful". 
Chris n Sam called them early, early in the morning that they was at the horsepital.  Mom n Dad jumped outta bed, stopped on the way to take care of Emily, then me.  I was rather surprised to get breakfast and turned out in the dark mind you!  Then off to the horsepital.  They got to spend the entire time Sam was in labor with her n Chris.  Sam's Mom n Dad had long drive but, made it & got to hang out too.  Sam just rocked thru labor, her epidural had a button so whenever she felt "anything" she was "I feel something and pushed it".  Mom was cracking up.  Chris got to deliver baby Lincoln himself, cut the cord and everything.  Dr. got there just as Sam's "practice push" was actually "the push", he knowed Chris is a Medic/EMT so let him do his thing.  AWESOME, what a memory that makes for Chris n Sam!!!
Lots of Grandfoal pix of course, and I'm sure you'll all agree he's just GORGEOUS.
Dear sweet Lincoln Erich, 8 lb 14 oz, and 21 inches long!

I think Chris is smelling him so he'll know Lincolns scent anywhere just like we do with our foals

Nope he wasn't crying, just making cute little baby sounds while Chris reswaddled him.

Moria with Mike behind her are practicing as they just learned they've got their very own foal on the way. Mom n Dad will be surragate Grandparents for them as Moria has always been their "other daughter" so to speak.  Mom loves Dads expression, he's just besotted with the little guy.  Dad had a bad cold so couldn't/wouldn/t hold Lincoln.  Bummer is Mom woked up with it today, so she's gotta steer clear for a bit too ;(

I'm thinking this is probably where the term "Love At First Sight" first took hold!

Doesn't Sam just radiate love in this one.
I'm sure Mom'll have more pix to share onced she downloads Dad's camera pix.  He's got some of her loving on Lincoln


  1. Replies
    1. Totally agreed!!! Must be part Haflinger with his blondeness, size and beauty right!

  2. wow contatulations your very own Grandfoal is here at last. What a handsome Grandfoal he is too.
    I love that last pic of him with his mum that look speaks volumes. Well done Sam and Chris. Now the fun begins.

    1. Yes, both Sam n Chris get all moon eyed just looking at him. For that matter Mom n Dad do too