Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tastes like...

Camryn here:
     Things are getting better, no more buildings walking, the long ear girl (Ruby) isn't skared of me no more, she appears to be pretty mellow.  The long ear boy (Dexter) is still plenty skared of me,  I plan to keep it that way as he's a butthead.  They had to seperate him from Eve the goat cause he kept biting her neck till she layed on the ground then he'd pound on her with his head.  He tries to grab Ruby by the neck too but, she's bigger and kicks the crap outa him.  He gives long ears a bad name. 
     Mom's been working me every day which oddly enough I'm enjoying.  Kaley the Little who loves horses stand quietly and watches.  Very good girl for not interupting, she seems to know when to talk and when not too.  I'm eating lots less hay cause the grass is sooooo good, and keeping my new bedroom very tidy.  Much better than I did in my old room, guess it's because it's a Princess Suite?       
     I'm now meeting Mom at the gate again and nickering when she comes out.  Mom's so happy to have the real me back now that I'm getting used to things round here.  The first few nights I didn't lay down to sleep, and I mainly stood and ate grass near the side where the other horses are.  Night three I got a good nights sleep, that made the whole world much rosier.
     Today Mom n Dad laid out the mats from my old stall on my patio so I'd be comfortable when/if I choose to nap there.  Dad had to adjust the gate height for the mats, so Mom n me played a bit.  One game was just stand there quiet like next to Mom.  I got kinda bored though I stayed pretty still, I began investigating Mom's legs.  She thinks I need a new salt block since I did this to her:
It was hot so Mom sweated while laying my patio mats...

Mmmmm, all salty...
Tastes like how I imagine a potatoe chip might!!!


  1. Haha!
    Glad you are settling in and getting back to your old self! I bet mom is loving the nickers at the gate :)

    1. Yes, I feel soooo much better and so does Mom. My stress is her stress as you know.

  2. How lovely to see you settle at last. Hmm must try eating a human myself. xxx

    1. Well, you can't really eat em. They don't allow that, but if you treat them like a lollipop they find it rather amusing.