Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Be moving this week...

Camryn here:
Finally, I'm gonna make the move to the new place this week.  Don't know who will be happier me or Mom.  Probably me since I've been on dry lot since my escape late last week!!!  Dad's gotta finish my stall window, and tweak the patio gate since Mom noticed it's hard to open minus the rubber mats she's gonna put down on them.  While Dad installed my stall door latch and worked on the window, Mom made sure my paddock area was safe, removed old burn barrel, pounded in staples that were sticking out of the barn, she moved things that while I couldn't access them, she knew I'd try to up into the loft.  She started back to work today, during a heat wave of course, plus her cold it made for a rough first day back she said.  She's working tomorrow too, then I'll be moving either Thurs. or Fri. at the latest.  The day depends on what time some delivery guys make it to the house on Thurs.  She says most likely on Fri. so she can be sure to have everything just right for me n my kitties.
Being sick Mom still can't go visit Grandfoal, Sam has been wonderful making sure that Mom gets her daily dose of Lincoln by texting a pix:

He's sound asleep in his car seat heading for his first Dr. check up.  Sooooo sweet and of course he checked out just fine.  I understand that rarely are his eyes open, that he's either sleeping or eating, or sleeping while eating LOL.  Yup part Haflinger for sure.  In this pic Lincoln looks just like his Daddy when he was a wee guy.  Mom is feeling better, she wants to play it safe though and is holding off till Sat. figuring both she and Dad will be well again.  Sam has been missing having medium rare steaks while preggers so Dad is gonna cook one up special just for her.


  1. Fabulous pic of Lincoln Grandfoal. Can't wait to see pics of you in your new home. I just know human is going to get so jealous. It just sounds all so perfect.

    1. I can't wait to just see my new home! And Grandfoal too of course.