Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gonna be a big one...

Camryn here:
Yesterday was Samantha's Birthday, so Mom tooked her a birthday card and gift.  Mom really liked buying her first "Daughter In Law" card big time.  While she was visiting Mom suggested they go out back for some Pregger pix of them as a couple.  This one was everyone's fav, not just cause they're kissing either, cause it's the whole family...
Grandfoal is due in just about two weeks.  He's gonna be a big one for sure.  Keep in mind Chris weighed 9lb 8oz when born, Sam weighed 9lb even so it's not surprising that Lincoln isn't gonna be a pee wee at all.  Oh, Chris (all Mom's kids) had a 14 3/4 inch head too "OUCH".  Sam asked the Dr. during an ultrasound how big Lincoln's head was, she wasn't to pleased when he started laughing hysterically saying "big", she asked again, he laughed harder and said "big, really big".  Mom has already apoligized to Sam for genetics!!!! 
On the about me front, Dad has most of my paddock fencing done, all but one gate up.  He's got two walls for my stall up too!!!  Mom's gonna start laying my stall mats down tomorrow!!!  Whoot, whoot, not sure which I'm more excited bout, Grandfoal or moving?  Guess both


  1. Wow all so exciting! We would be so excited if it was us!!! Look forward to the updates :-)

  2. That is a super picture! Yes... she is huge. I don't envy her!

  3. What a wonderful pic. Ouch is all I have to say.....