Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's a go...

Camryn here:
     Well, Mom n Dad along with Promise n Ivy went to meet Fable, soon to be Theo today.  Mom expected the meet n greet to go well.  But, she never expected it to go as good as it did.  Normally Austrailian Cattle Dogs are standoffish with strangers both human and dogs at first.  But, one of the first things soon to be Theo did was to hop up with Dad on the couch to hang out!  Dad was hooked right then big time.  Soon to be Theo gived Mom kisses too.  Yeah this dog knows how to smooze all right. 
     After visiting and hearing more bouts him they went outside.  Rescue lady kept soon to be Theo on lead while Mom gotted Promise outa the truck.  First thing happened was soon to be Theo told Promise how pretty she is and how much he loved her.  Promise was like "whatever, your yard smells realy good though".  They walked them around together till Theo growed his brains back a bit, being a real boy till just recently it took him a minute or two.  Promise seemed to understand this.  Dad went and got Ivy and they did the same thing.  Soon to be Theo promised to love Ivy forever.  After a bit, they took em all off the leads and they all three went exploring together.  Soon to be Theo was acting like a brother should, just following them around and showing them the sites.
     So, I guess you know where this is going right?  Yup, soon to be Theo is gonna soon be our brother.  I'll get to meet him next weekend when rescue lady brings him and makes sure our home is set up for him.  Having had such short dogs, there are sure to be some things that need changing.  Like learning to keep the toilet seat down!!! 
     Dad is even all excited and Dad doesn't actually get so excited bout stuff.  The rescue is so wonderful too.  They really are dedicated to finding great homes for dogs n need.  It's a breed specific rescue in that they only do ACD's, they know the breed and know how to make sure they get into good homes.  Mom really likes that in rescuing soon to be Theo, that they're also helping a second dog that is waiting to go into rescue too. 
     Sorry, no pix of it all.  Getting to know soon to be Theo wasn't something to do from behind a camera. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling left out...

Camryn here:
I'm feeling a bit left out regarding Fable.  Yeah, Mom is keeping me updated, but why do the Cardi girls get to go meet him?  Me n my Cats don't?  SIGH
I guess Ivy n Promise get to see if they'd like him for their big brother, and he gets to see if he likes them for little sisters.  He's gonna be mine to isn't he?  I should have a say in the matter.  Something bout my not fitting in the truck & my trailer is snowed in I guess.
Mom talked to rescue lady today, Mom is very impressed with them.  She'd told them about Lincoln & how he's here lots.  The lady had her teen daughter dig out her old life like doll babies.  Then they found baby crying sounds on her cell phone to get Fable used to such things.  That is beyond awesome in my book for sure.
Mom's got a blanket for the girls to sleep on to take and leave with him to be familiar with their smells.  The rescue already has him sleeping on a blanket so he'll be bringing his home smells to comfort him while he adjusts.  If everyone gets along, Fable will come live with here the following weekend.  Very exciting.
Fables story is a sad one.  Last March he and a Red Heeler girl were found as strays.  They had tags on, so their peoples were called and they went back home.  Day after Christmas they were both picked up again.  Their peoples were called but, this time they didn't come.  So sad.  Fable and his friend who may have been his Momma or his Sister were held for 14 days.  The ACD rescue came to bail them out after they'd been there a total of three weeks.  The shelter/pound that had them did tempermant testing first.  Fable passed with no issues, his friend however flunked in a big way.  She was deemed unadoptable and SIGH that means she was a gonner. 
Once at the rescue Fable was very depressed, he didn't even want to eat.  They think his friend was either his Sister or his Momma.  After a few weeks he came around and started smiling again. 
So basicaly he got the name Fable cause he has a story behind him.  Mom emailed the rescue and told them to tell Fable he could put his bad story behind him and begin a good story now.  The rescue lady wrote back "you got it, you got the reason for his name". 
So Mom wants to keep the name since she believes in names that have meaning.  Examples: Promise is Promise cause she was a gift to Mom from Chris while he was in Iraq & he Promised to come back safe.  Ivy is Ivy cause Chris was in the Army's 4th ID unit and their Insignia is an Ivy leaf.  So Fable should be Fable.  Dad however wants to "maybe" change his name.  Since Dad has never ever had a say in a name, Mom understands.  So long as she likes it and it suits Fable anyway.
We sure hope Fable realizes that having to move again is a good thing.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New furkid maybe?...

Camryn here:
Mom frequently looks at Pet Finder rescue sites, just cause she likes too.  Suddenly last night she saw one that was love at first site.  She showed Dad (she never ever does that) and asked what he thought about adopting this rescue.  He asked where he'd live, Mom said, Ummmm with us in the house.  Dad looked some more, read the discription and said yes!!!  So, Mom filled out the application, referances have been contacted.  Ivy gots appointment to be spay, a month earlier than planned.  The rescue requires this.   Once all the referances be checked out, the Vet already gave theirs, the rescue will come do a check on our home and yard.  Dad must have even been checking the site out at work cause he emailed Mom a pic of our new potential furkid. He's excited too!
Oh, guess I should show you right?
This is "Fable", he's a 1 1/2 year old Austrailian Cattle Dog.  He's said to be pretty mellow and laid back for an ACD, a people pleaser attitude.  He and a female was found as strays, not onced but twice, the first time their peoples claimed them, the second they didn't.  Their loss is hopefully our gain I say.  Sadly the female didn't pass the tempermant test so didn't make it into rescue.  Fable has been in foster care being loved on, checked on with kids, other dogs, training, and getting neutered.   Mom's seen video of him playing fetch n stuff, something she really misses from Onyx n Tye.  While I play fetch Ivy n Promise find it beneeth them. 
Reason Fable's picture had Mom askin Dad and probly the reason Dad was "yes" so quick like isn't cause he looks like Onyx.  Onyx was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi so didn't have legs, but he has the "look" of Onyx.  Kind of like us horses have that "kind eye" look!  Fable has that "I'll be your heart dog look".  Mom has always been drawn to ACD's she's not sure why.  Probably cause like us Haflingers they get misjudged as being stubborn and hard headed when all they really are (like me) is super uber smart and get bored easy.
Promise, Ivy & Fable must also approve of each other.  Shouldn't be a prob since all our furkids play well with others.  Mom asked if maybe Emily should meet him too, she's here pretty often.  The rescue lady can't wait to meet me, she's never met a horse that plays fetch :)
So keep all fingers/paws/hooves crossed that Fable gets to come live here and be loved on.
Oh, so what do you all think of the name Fable for a boy dog?  Mom wasn't sure at first, but it's growin on her.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chocolate not good...

Camryn here:
While chocolate might taste very good for humans it's not so good for our little furry friends.  And Ivy says it tastes much better goin in than it did coming back up!!!
Gramma had gifted Mom with a huge bar of Dark German Chocolate, since Mom's been on a diet she decided to ration herself rather than gorge on it all at once.  She shoulda gorged!!!
She had it sitting on the dining room table (all chairs pushed it), when she came in from preforming my room service chores today, she saw the wrapper on the floor!  We gots the Vet's #'s on speedial.  Mom called, they said to give each (Mom didn't know who took it or if they shared) a table spoon of hydrogen peroxide, if vomiting didn't start she should dose again in 15 minutes, then again.  If nothing came up to get em to the office.
Promise brought up nothing but her milkbone and foam after one dose.  Mom gived her a second just in case the chocolate just didn't come up.  Ivy (the culprit) took three doses before bringing up her self given treat.  Guess she wanted to keep it? 
Mom says we gots lots to be grateful for 1. the Vet is on speed dial. 2. the Vet had no problem leaving patient to tell Mom what to do.  3. she knew the empty wrapper was deadly. 4. due to the frigid weather she's been home from work more often than not.  Working in a greenhouse in this weather is inhumane. 5. Because of Promise surgeries we had peroxide on hand for cleaning up the blood drainage on her fur.  Cause iffen any of those things hadn't happen, Ivy woulda been a gonner.
Still no clue how Ms. Short Stubby Legged Princess Ivy managed to reach the chocolate.  And we ain't tellin Gramma cause she'd feel horrible about what "coulda" happened!
Mom did call Vet back to Thank them big time.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mom keeps busy...

Camryn here:
With all the ghastly cold weather Mom's been home from work lots.  Considering that most of the greenhouse has no heat, it's no wonder she's staying home lots.  That and it's to darn cold to put me to work (I love cold). On days when Lil Man Lincoln isn't here she's been keeping pretty busy painting...

The kitchen walls needed/still need art on the walls.  After lots of thought Mom decided on doing still lifes of things that are edible.  For humans anyway, take note she didn't do none of Hay!!!  Rude I think.  Mom's fav is the tangerine half unpeeled, I say "paint hay".  Silly Mom is thinking of painting a P & J sandwich too.
Dad loves Red Tailed Hawks, Mom planned on buying one (a painting not a hawk) for Christmas then thought she'd give it a go herself.  So Dad got an unpainted canvas to unwrap, then she painted it.  Mom's not a good bird painter but...Dad loves it so it'll do.  She plans a companion piece sometime in the future for it.

Then last but, far from least...This tribute to our Tye.  Mom took this picture of him snoozing alongside Reej (his head is in the corner) in front of the laptop a few years back.  It's always been one of her fav pictures of him.  She just finished it today.  She really misses the fuzzy wuzzy butthead lots.
Next up she's got a big canvas for over the couch, that still is needing some paint on it!  Dads scared he'll be surrounded by horse/dog paintings so while it'll likely be a landscape, Mom plans to sneak a few tiny equines (Haflingers?) in perhaps.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Emily n Ivy...

Camryn here:
Ms. Emily came to visit while Chris, Sam n Lincoln went to visit Oma (Lincolns other Gramma).  Despite Emily being a notorious bed thief (she steals Ivy's bed) the girls enjoy just hanging out a lot.

Ivy:  "Em, Em, I heard a car door.  Do you think my Dad is home?"
Emily:  "No"

Ivy: "Em, Em, are you sure?"
Emily: "Yes"

Ivy: "SIGH, Dad's not home"
Emily: "Told ya"
As you can see Emily finds the relationship a bit tedious!  Oh, our neighbor dogs invisible fence isn't working or they don't have it on.  One of the dogs is mean, mean, mean and has a rep for biting.  He hates Emily even though they've never met.  Yesterday while Mom had the girls out, this dog was rushing our fence (hitting it) and telling Emily he wanted to kick her butt!!!  I mean come on Emily has only three legs how would that be fair?  Mom's gonna have to talk to them about it, now that the mean dog knows the he can he's on our property, while he can't get into our yards, he can/will attack Emily or anyone/anything else that is in our drive way.  Not good at all.
Grampa is doing real good living up here, (knock on wood) no "I've fallen and I get get up" moments since moving to Ohio.  He's behaving, taking his meds and not doing things that could make him fall/pass out like he used too :)  He likes his new church and one of his daughter and a grandaughter have even visited him!!  That's huge cause Dad n Mom can relax a bit if they continue to take an interest in Grampa.
Gramma on the other hand:  Her meds had been doing a great job shrinking the cancers.  The Dr's. couldn't even feel the tumors.  So part of her treatment is having regular ultrasounds.  One just a few months ago showed what the Dr's. thought that her tumors were way small.  They opted not to do surgery cause the surgery at that point was more life threatening than the cancers.  Few months later the Dr. could once again feel the tumors, off to ultrasound again, the cancers was growing and were already up to their original sizes.  So they was growing fast.  The Dr's. just thought they needed to switch meds since this one quit working.  That is until Gramma admitted she'd not been taking her meds regularly (which could mean not at all).  Gramma came up with three differant reasons for doing this, we won't go into those (they make Mom wanna bang her own head into walls), but long n short of it is Gramma is gonna have a mascetomy cause it's clear she can't be trusted to take her meds now.  Mom says the moral of the story is lies have huge consaquences.  I'm glad I'm a horse cause as we all know "us horses can't lie".  Mom likes that too.