Monday, January 3, 2011

Do dogs have nine lives???

     You may recall my sons Pit bull Remi having surgery this past fall for eating corn cob?  Well, today Remi decided to see what it feels like to be "under" a truck!!!  Not sure who I feel worse for, my son Chris who was backing the truck, or Remi who for some reason known only to him decided to dash behind it!!!  Once loaded in the back of the car to head to the Vet with Samantha tending to him (Chris driving).  Remi felt the need to be in the front seat.  At the Vets he was his usual enthusiastic self, so while they felt he was fine, the kids left him there to be checked over.  Vet called to confirm the only thing injured was Remi's ego and that wasn't even hurting over much. The Vet & staff adore the big ol goober, he's allowed free reign of the office when he's there.
     Chris thinks his other Pit "Emily" who feels Remi is a very annoying brother may have dared Remi just to see if she could be rid of him!!! 
     So glad Remi is OK, & Chris learned a VERY important lesson, never depend on the dogs being out of the way.  Very happy, this was learned prior to my having two legged grand kids.  I dropped off a copy of "Marley & Me" just last evening, thought Remi and the kids were much like the couple and Marley in the story.  Marely is worse but, not by much...
Remi "appearing" innocent...This was taken a few months back.  He's much broader now!

Emily, she's Gram ma's fav!!!  Ms. Em is soooo sweet and pretty in pink to boot...

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  1. Remi is beautiful ... And very lucky. I'm so glad the story had a happy ending!