Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camryn's neighbors...

Took some pix of Camryn's immediate neighbors the other day.  I think without them nearby being an only horse would be much more difficult for her.  They holler for her pretty often, normally she just ignores their calls.  She does nap frequently within site of them however, so I know their presence is a comfort to her.  Another neighbors property is between Camryn and these guys, it's only 90 ft across so their close though not touching close.

     Rudy (nearest) is an Appendix Quarter horse, he's 15 and a new arrival at Danette's.  At his old barn, he was kept blanket by the barn owners.  Turns out this wasn't done to keep him warm as much as to hide that they'd reduced his feed!!!  Danette will get him back in weight in no time.
     Dakota (black/white blaze/stockings) is an 18 year old Spotted Saddle Horse and Danette's personal horse.  The addition of Rudy has thrown her back into season!  Danette calls her a hussy as anytime a handsome boy is around she "wants some of that!"
     Eclipse (black) is a 20 something Arabian.  You'd never know he's elderly when out riding with him. Camryn is a enchanted with him :).   She frets a bit when riding in the arena if he disappears outside.

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  1. Cuties! Morrissey is quite taken with her neighbor in the next paddock. He is very distrustful of humans. I told my husband he better not be a bad influence on my girl haha.