Monday, January 24, 2011


You're probably thinking from the subject line that this post is in regards to "A Promise" of some sorts.

Well, in a way it is.  During Christopher's (eldest son) first tour of Iraq, he was missing Christmas with us.  Shoot writing this tears me all up!  To help Mom thru missing him, he arranged the most wonderful gift (being home of course would've topped it).

Introducing our "Promise"

1st day home...

Chris and Promise meeting for the first time...
Yep, Chris kept his promise for which I'm forever greatful...

Promise today...Moma's special girl!
It was arranged thru the breeder of one of my other Cardigans that we'd be adding to the Cardi Crew here.   Promise is named because of Christopher's promise to come home safely.  Her registered name is "Ch. Pecan Valley EvryStarEvryStripe.  I'm sure you can pick up on the military significance there.

Promise is the absolute sweetest animal you'd ever meet.  Very soft, and gentle, even as a pup, perhaps she understood she was theraputic for me during a difficult time.


  1. Promise is beautiful and so was this story! It brought tears to my eyes. I am glad your son was able to keep his promise and that your Prmoise was there for you in such a trying time.

  2. *eyes tearing up* What a sweet story and what a beautiful dog.

  3. Jen, just in case you didn't realize...Promise is Dixie's Momma. Dixie's litter was born during Christopher's 2nd tour of duty.

  4. Some how I missed this post in all of the craziness over my way! Beautiful post and just like Promise is dear to your heart, I love her daughter with all of my heart, even though I am a showslacker. She is my BBF in so many ways! Dixie says give her mom a Cardi hug!