Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Birthday...

Camryn here:
Today is a VERY special day, I be 11 years old!!!  Day before yesterday was even specialer yet, it was my Gotcha Day, the day I got my Mom!  I've had her for three whole years now, AWEsome!!! 
For Gotcha Day Mom went and picked up like a hundred bags of bedding for me.  Well, more like sixteen I've been told.  But, I can't count and it sure looks like a hundred to me.    Our bags are way huge not like those chintzy ones from TSC.  Living close to Amish has it's pay offs, they make furniture and they bag up the shavings n sawdust to bag of us horses.  Don't worry, no walnut!  Lots cheaper and lots better too.  In my opinion it makes an excellant gift.
For my Birthday Mom put down an entire bag of bedding for tonights bedtime.  I also got lotsa carrots to munch at lunch time AND a new hymilian salt thingie.  I love hymilian salt thingies! Bummer is its waaaaay cold so not lotsa pampering, good thing is it's waaaaay cold so with Mom being a cold weather wimp I'm still on vacation too :)
Oops, forgot I also got a new haynet!!  It's way huge and holds more than two big flakes of hay too!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! You got lots of good things!
    We use the shavings, too. Much cheaper and they work well for us. Have a birthday carrot from us!!

  2. Carrots at bedtime, how wonderful. Sounds like a perfect day to me Camryn. Happy birthday and happy gotcha day.

    1. Yup carrots at lunch AND bedtime too. Seems there are lots more but, Mom is parceling them out :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday and Gotcha Day! How exciting, sounds like you had an awesome day :-) Have a lovely weekend xx