Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blasted bath...

Camryn here:
For some reason Mom suddenly decided I needed a bath.  Hmmmph, while I did behave for the most part. 
I did not say Thank You! 
 Mom knowed I'd show my thanks instead by promptly rolling. For this reason she led me to the back of my pasture afterwards, this way I rolled in grass instead of dirt in my paddock. 
Rolling in non-appreciation...

Sigh, I do look n feel n look 
good though...

I did not however allow a face wash!
She mentioned a repeat in the very near future. Something regarding my tail needing special attention. SIGH


  1. poor baby. But didn't it feel good in the hot weather? I bathed both boys today and the old guy was trying to drink out of the hose!

    1. I prefer smelling like me I guess. Mom tells me I should like it, but I don't.