Monday, September 22, 2014

Back at last...

Camryn here...
Everyone is back home where we should an wanna be. 
While camp started out good for me, my friend Ruby wanted to boss me to much. I didn't like it, so they put me next to the girl pasture. Didn't like that either, so the put me next to the boys. Didn't like that at all. I was stressing out lots. Soon as Mom n Dad got off the plane they hooked up the trailer. Now no one be bossin me, don't gotta share nothing  I was back to my normal self soon as I got home
The dogs did fine, Ivy had them all under her Princess spell. They commented that Theo is the sweetest Cattle Dog ever. The kitties "Margeaux mainly" liked stayin home and being fed by the Littles. Maizee only likes Mom, so she hid whenever they was over.
Life is good. 


  1. Hey Camryn, glad you is back home now! Sorry for being a bit MIA ourselves, these crying things is hard work.... anyhow hope you're well? We'll be back again soon :-)

    1. I agree, Lincoln be here lots. So we know the hard work part. But, oh so worth it.