Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sharing the witches hat...

Camryn here:
Happy Halloween!!!  Don't have no ghosts or goblins here, but we got witches and lots of em...
Tye be almost as fuzzy as the witch hat feathers!!!  Oh, and he just looks innocent!

 Promise: I'm to sweet to be a witch.  I'm more the Angel type...
 Ivy: Quick get it off, it's crushing my skull and melting my brain...

Onyx: I know just what you mean Ivy...

Come on guys get over it and lets all bob for apples!!!

Mmmmm, maybe the apples are in here?

So, would you give this face a Trick or a Treat?
Have a Safe & Happy Halloween


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, had fun taking them. At least one critter did as well. That would be the tall blonde of course ;)

  2. The dogs don't look too impressed at dressing up. Would I give a treat or a trick to you? Difficult one. Treat would be appropriate but I need all the treats I can get so would a virtual one be ok?

    1. No the dogs were not impressed, though they at least cooperated unlike the cats!!! I rather enjoyed myself! And I understand not sharing the treats :)

  3. Great pics! Major now thinks he should do something next year too.