Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poor tree...

Camryn here:
Mom had thought there was no damage from Sandy aside from branches/limbs down everywhere.  But, she hadn't gone behind the barn till yesterday when she found this...
It's a pine tree, not to round but pretty tall and as you can see it had a decent root system.  It's about 50 feet from the barn, lucky me none of the trees close to the barn had issues. If you biggify you can see it's got my electric rope fence all pulled up too.  Dad gets to play lumberjack this weekend LOL Mom says we're very blessed that this is all the damage we had.  Coarse she hasn't been back to the woods yet either!


  1. Wow! We had a downed pine too. Seems that their roots spread instead of going deep? Hope that is all of the damage. So glad no one got hurt!

  2. Was watching the news today, the storm really made a mess over there! Hope you get it sorted soon.

  3. Thanx guys. We really didn't get hit bad at all considering!

  4. When I took the Master Gardener class I learned that most trees have roots that are really quite shallow. They need a certain amount of oxygen, and so the roots don't go down too deep - especially in wet areas. I always figured that trees had bigger 'anchors'.
    I'm glad the tree didn't cause damage to any buildings.