Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vist from Dr. Tony...

Camryn here:
     Can you believe Mom forgot Dr. Tony was coming yesterday???  This meant that when he arrived instead of already having lunch I had just started!  You know how that makes me feel "very cranky".  Mom was mucking my stall and looked up when Onyx barked, that's when she finally remembered.  Dr. Tony was a tad early so he let me eat for a little while before pulling me away for my adjustments.  He had very little to do this time, just checked for any soreness before using his pressure gun then tweaking my neck.  He's not coming again for a month and says my recovery is actually 2 weeks ahead of what he'd thought I'd be needing.  The next visit should be the last, though Mom says she might have him come give me a look see in the spring.
     Other news, we had some odd looking visitors the other day.  Two wild turkey hens were taking a walk and ended up in the driveway.  Mom & Dad loved it, they were laughing cause the turkey girls looked & acted like two little old ladies just out for a stroll!
     Maizee made it up into the loft, Mom heard her before she saw her this morning at breakfast.  That little girl just loves climbing and jumping.  Maizee & I have become such good friends, sometimes in the morning when Mom comes in with breakfast she'll find me snoozing with my head over my stall door with Maizee snoozing while perched right beside my head.
     Dad bought 1/2 a cow last week, he got if from the peoples Mom buys my feed from.  What good is 1/2 a cow I ask.  Can they stand on only two legs?  And why does it get to stay in the house?  Anybody know what a freezer is?
     Mom is busy tucking in the flower beds for winter.  It's taking her forever!  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be really warm so she's taking advantage of the weather when she can.  I know she should be taking advantage of it by riding me, but she want the flower bed ready for mulching first thing in the spring since the plan is to sell our place.


  1. Dr. Tony is a miracle worker!
    Turkeys are so funny looking. . .I always wondered who saw those and decided, hmmm, those might be tasty.

    1. Funny you say tasty. Mom said she'd have enjoyed on for dinnr herself

  2. I am pleased you are getting better. Clever Dr Tony huh? It's nearly that time of year for my annual MOT with Etti.
    Which half did he get? the eating half or the poo-ing half? It's freezing here at the moment, maybe the other half of cow will arrive in my field.