Friday, January 18, 2013

Mom's asking for...

Camryn here:
Mom's planning to ask Dad if we can have a new saddle, as in not used by no one else never before.  So please keep all hooves crossed.  Mom has always had used/borrowed saddles in the past and been content, now for some reason (not that I mind) she's gotten a bug up her butt wanting one thats been just ours.  I'm not complaining, Dad might though hee hee
Course Mom would post a pic of the saddle she's asking for but, blogger is being bad for that still.  So we'll just tell you the kind of saddle it is and if your of mind to you can look it up.  It's a Sensation Western Sport Trail Saddle, she wants it in a brown color, which I look gorgeous in and matches existing tack, though she plans on the seat being made of black nubuck leather for contrast and butt sticking to saddle capabilites.
It's not inexpensive by any means but, not cheap either.  She's written up a list of top 22 reasons for Dad to say Yes!  Along with blurb describing saddle with pix.  She's thinking maybe she should ask for the Ansur new Roo Saddle it's double the price of the Sensation, so if he saw that first maybe the Sensation price would make it easier?  Hee hee!   Course her true dream saddle would be a Synergist (we've borrowed one and loved it) but, like the Roo it's totally in the "Beer wages, Champagne taste" league.  That and it's not treeless, which my dippy back demands.
Mom did do lots of research and has heard/read very little negative about Sensation saddles in general and it's gotten good review for Haflingers broad wide backs with low withers.  Her's prepared to argue her case and hope that Dad's darn insistant logic doesn't over rule.  He's just soooo sensible and lets face it there is very little that is sensible with it comes to loving horses and all that comes with us!  To those oddly non-horsey humans anyway.  None I'm sure that read my blog!
Hooves crossed that Mom'll be ordering a new saddle for me real soon.


  1. Fingers and hooves crossed that you'll get it! If it works, I'll have your mom right a list for me so I can give it to my hubby and get a new saddle, too! Dads can be so practical and boring and non horsey. . .

  2. Good luck with the new saddle. How exciting... just thinking about it!

  3. I hope your mom gets her new saddle, for YOU, Camryn. Tell your mom to switch to Google Chrome to post, and the pictures will fly right on. It used to take me an hour to post... then I couldn't post ANY pictures at all.. now with Google Chrome, I can post in about ten minutes, pictures and all!

  4. Hooves crossed Camryn! Sounds like a lovely saddle.... we like treeless too, only thing that seems to work for a mule shaped back, guess Haffy's are discerning too :-)

    Good luck with the persuasion tactics... our human takes the perseverance approach, in the end man human gives in to get peace and quiet!

  5. Mitch wore a Sensation treeless for a time. Western sport, loved the thing because it was comfy and fit him really good when he was in his overweight mode. Then he lost weight. Then he broke the fence and I need $$ to repair it, so off went the saddle. Sometimes wish I hadn't sold it off, but he was doing some squirrely things in treeless (like having some issues walking downhill) that he doesn't have in the Wade. And of course, since we get indefinite loan of the Wade, I'm chill with using that.

    Still, nice saddles all in all.

  6. Oooooh new saddle how lovely hooves firmly x'd this side of the pond. xx