Friday, February 10, 2017

Recent view...

We've once again gone from record warmth to temps in the negative numbers. Add high winds and lots of snow, this is my current view...
Notice anything missing?  The boyz are venturing out to relieve themselves and that's it!  Their hay nets are being emptied within 12 hours rather than their usual 72 hours time frame. 
My youngest son flew down for a short visit from Akaska. He'd so wanted to see the boyz but, being he'd packed for the record warmth temps we'd just had, he had no boots to venture back to the barn to meet them. He did get to see Merlin napping on the patio & Pippin venturing out to poo lol.  
Yesterday Adam spent the day like this...
Being pummeled by his adoring nephews. Adam is a big ol teddy bear of a guy, perfect for jumping on & being held upside down by the feet to walk on Gramma's ceilings!!!  He's heading home this afternoon, rough having him so far away.  Though we do love it giving us the opportunity to visit one of our most beautiful states. Plans are in the making for another trip early summer 💃🏻. Guess id better get in shape for lots of exploring. 


  1. February is the cruelest month- weather wise anyway. I'm glad your son came to visit. He looks like he's having fun!

    1. He's "that" Uncle lol. We just booked flights to head his way early summer. Love Juneau.