Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Blogger issues

Blogger & I have been arguing for quite some time. First it wouldn’t allow me to go back & edit without disappearing. Then it wouldn’t let me even comment on others blog posts. I’ve worked thru those issues at last. But, now I can’t upload pics. What’s a blog with no pics?  So until I figure that out...
The boys are growing like weeds. Well, Lincoln is, Jefferson not so much...

We’ve got plans to go visit Kennedy & my daughter this fall after “hopefully” typhoon season has ended in Okinawa. Plan to do a bucket list item & arrange a beach ride while we’re there!  Kennedy has been taking lead line lessons so, perhaps she can join Gramma!?

 The minions are doing well, we’ve been horribly wet here, every time I plan to get the cart out it of course rains. Not complaining however, considering the flooding in some areas and all!  I’ve finally found a halter that doesn’t allow Pippin to get his grazing muzzle off, hope I didn’t just jinx myself!  He’s still a bit chubby but, on the way to losing. Merlin is out of shape but, reasonable in weight. They’d come off last summer resembling engorged ticks!

Sadly a little over a year after having been diagnosed with canine Cushings, then a thyroid issue as well, we let had to aid sweet Ivy In her voyage over the rainbow bridge in early April. She was ready, fortunately we didn’t over wait. She told us, we listened.   She was our firstborn homebred & we thought our last Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
Emily the boys Pitty suddenly began seizing,  Vet felt the sudden onset along with severity, she most likely had brain tumor. Sadly, we had to assist her over the bridge in January. February brought the loss of Hippo, almost a year to the day of adopting him & partner Tiger. For guinea pigs they were elderly so, not a huge surprise there. Rough start for 2019.

Turns out we aren’t just missing Ivy but, stubby legged, big eared personalities as well.  We’ve had a or multiple Cardis over 20 years  Another wee girl will be joining us this weekend from a reputable breeder friend. The boys are over the moon with excitement, they know what’s mine is theirs. So, technically “Tessa” will be their new puppy as well. Theo I’m hoping will enjoy having a new lil sis as well. He won’t know what hit him I imagine!

Fingers crossed I get this picture thing figured out!


  1. I've had problems with Blogger as well. My comments I make don't load if I'm on Safari. I have terrible problems with photos if I try to use my iPad. Arghhh... it makes me so mad.

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