Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Corn clean up!

Didn't take long for the corn clean up crew to report for work...

Me thinks Pippin hadn't yet experienced this type of work crew...

Poor guy was pretty unnerved...

Margeaux chilled in the stall window picking out lunch. Maizee was in the doorway doing the same...

Merlin was pretty unimpressed, he did run back to the safety of the barn with Pippin once. They'd become surrounded, the birds (mainly starlings) took flight in unison, they'd spooked Pippin who in turn spooked Merlin. Once Merlin realized Pippin was freaking out over what he considered nonsense, Merlin remained chill. 
In the video below the cleanup had been going on for several hours. Pippin is still a bit unnerved by the entire thing. It's hard to show even in video how many birds there are, I never did quite get a shot showing the numbers. Several times they surround the barn, they're in the trees, paddock, on the roofs. Just imagine forty acres of birds wth a bird every six inches or so. Then much like horse herds, they all take flight in sync, land, eat, rinse & repeat for two days. It's like a dance of sorts & the noise is unimaginable. They return several times a year, though never in the numbers of harvest time. 
 We'll have to wait & see what Pippin thinks next time. 


  1. That is so cool. I love how Pippin runs away and then gives up and stops to eat. Maybe you should show him that old Hitchcock movie "The Birds". That'll really spook him.

    1. I can't help but think of that movie every time it happens! Merlin teaches Pippin to stay calm regarding things of nature. It's the opposite when it comes to man made objects.

  2. I have not been doing the blog thing, so I really enjoyed going "back in time" to read up on the little guys. They are so cute! What fun to watch them, well maybe not when they are fighting!