Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 it's blowing in...

Camryn here:
2012 is getting off to a jittery start for me.  It's so windy I'm sure goblins and saber toothed tigers are everywhere just waiting to pounce.  Mom says it's not so, she's pretty convincing but still I'm not so sure.  She says that when I realize I'm safe and will stay that way it'll be proof that the year 2012 is gonna be a great one.  Keep in mind I'm not a worrier kinda gal at all.  But, the sounds coming thru the trees are just tremendous.  So much so that Mom decided not to do my New Year blowing of the horn video, I'd probably scare myself to pieces -NOT-. 
Another nice Hafy lady mentioned on the HaflingerFriends board about having her gelding massaged with lavendar oil.  Mom thought that sounded like the ticket.  Her searched for her lavendar oil but, apparently it's all gone.  So, instead her took the scissors to our lavendar patch and chopped it up into a coffee container.  I watched carefully so that the boogie man didn't get her while she did it. Then her took a bunch and rubbed it all over my head n chest.  I smell real purty now anyway, she rubbed Onyx down with her lavendar smelling hands so he smells good too.  She also left a sprig near where I stand to eat lunch.  Her's got some organic lavendar soap that her brother made her for Christmas.  Her says at bedtime her'll bring it down and put it outside my stall since the winds'll be blowing all night too. 
Anyhow, I know Mom's gonna be right about the New Year being a great one for me.  And I just want to wish all my friends out there just as wonderful a 2012 as can be!
Later...I hope!


  1. . . . "saber toothed tigers . . . " bahahaha . . . Camryn, you totally crack me up!!
    Happy New Year to you and your Mom!!

  2. Ah Camryn, your Mom is so thoughtful and such a cool lady. Both of you imagine the best possible outcome for the weather. May you have a wonderful New Year and find the perfect saddle solution for you and your Mom. May prosperity and good fortune bless you in 2012.

  3. The wind is horrible! We were feeling it and hearing it here too!

    I am sure the new year will be everything you hope it to be! Hafy New Year, I love it!

  4. Hay, that's our wind! Did you see the videos of it pushing our cones around?! It was awful! I'm not sure about the Saber-toothed Tigers, but we were thinking ghosties and ghoulies for sure! It was so windy, we hardly went into the pasture! We stayed hunkered down by the barn. I hope your wind leaves. We wanna come smell you!
    Have a good New Year!