Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's here already...

Camryn here:
Exciting news, my new Skito pad is here already!!!  Simply amazing how fast as Mom just talked to Mr. Tom last week bout what I might need for my pad, then called to confirm and order it on Mon.  Mom was so surprised when Mr. UPS came a knocking this afternoon.
Her says it's my combo Christmas/Birthday gift since Christmas just ended and my Birthday is just about 2 weeks away.
We really lucked out regarding it's arrival being a warm and sunny January day too.  We got losta pictures of me modeling my beautiful new Skito Pad...
 The dark on top is a material that allows ventilation on my back so the heat I make will dissapate somewhat when riding.  The padding inside is 3/4 inch thick, with a 3/4 inch scalloped shim for my muscle atrophy problem, the underside where Mom sits is wool, where Mom's legs lay along my sides is quilted felt so her can feel me better when riding.  Isn't the color just lovely on me?   I think so for sure...

It even kinda matches my halter!!!  Burgandy with blue...

It was custom made to fit my Barefoot Arizona Saddle.  Along with fit for me too.  Mom sent pictures of my back to Mr. Tom so he could recommend what inserts and such would suit me best.  Mom thinks he did a great job...

 The twine you see coming from under my new pad is one of two Mom put under the pad to check for spinal clearance.  The first her pulled thru before her mounted me.  The second after.  Both pulled thru even with my ample winter woolies without a hitch.  The string test is supposed to be a check to make sure there is spinal clearance.  Which we're happy to say we have clearance.
Please tell my this doesn't make my butt look to big!
After modeling for the camera, Mom attached reins to my halter and we had a little amble around the paddock.  First time Mom's been on since November!!!  The paddock as you might see in the pictures is a sloppy mess.  Mom just let me cruise about figuring I knew better than her which areas I'd prefer to avoid.  Someday we'll have a proper ride, won't be anytime real soon I have a feeling.


  1. Yay for the new saddlepad! You are looking good in that pad and saddle. Watch out boys!

  2. Driving sounds like fun, if you already know how, it should'nt be too hard for your mom! Not sure how far you are from the Toledo area, but I guess there are a ton of Haffies that drive there, they do clinics and everything!

  3. We're a good two hours probly more from Toledo. My friend Farrah does CDE's and trains at a place bout 30 minutes from here. We'd been invited by her peoples who are Mom's friends to bring me out and see what I can do. Mom though is quite content with riding & is afraid of more expenses if we got hooked on driving!!! Though her might take me to visit at the driving place someday.

  4. Oh the expense! These horses do seem to eat up all our money, don't they? It's a good thing they are cute!

  5. Well Camryn, Lew said to tell you that she's green with envy of your new saddle and pad! And that nope- your saddle and new pad do NOT make your butt look big. You look awesome!!

  6. I love the new pad! I'm glad that it worked out for you... now if the weather would only cooperate!
    Thanks for letting me know that a second 'dose' of gravel may be the ticket. Now it's kinda hard to tell what's happening with a load of snow on top!

  7. Oh Camryn, that pad looks really nice on you!

  8. Sorry I havent been around Camryn! Been having computer problems!
    Your bum doesnt look big!
    BTW, Happy New Year!

  9. Hey! I just found you through Janine's blog. I'm actually in the process of looking at treeless saddles...I see you ride in a Barefoot saddle. Is this your first treeless? Do you recommend the brand?

    Any insight you have would be awesome!!