Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ready for puppy breath?...

Camryn here:
Mom has declared the second best smell in the whole entire world is Puppy Breath.  Bestest of course is Haflinger Smell!
Her went to visit Onyx babyees their 5 weeks old now (Cardigan Welsh Corgis) yesterday, also got to visit with a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgis (6 weeks old) too.  There were 10 wee pups to play, cuddle and inhale puppy breath with.  Mom was nearly in heaven.
Sooooo get ready friends, exhale then...INHALE deepy for your fix of PUPPY BREATH
Can you smell it?...
How bout now? Isn't it wonderful...
This little one is the keeper girl her name's gonna be Domino
They know their adorable can't you tell?  Middle pup is a Onyx kid, the other two are Pembrokes

This is da keeper boy pup, his name is Clutcher.  If Momma was taken a pup, this woulda been her pick.  He's the spitting image of Onyx.

They turned Mom's legs into their own personal playground.  Can you tell the differance between the Cardi pups and the Pem pups?  Besides being more adorable & having tails the Cardis aren't as fluffy coat wise.

Just a bundle of playing cuteness
Mom's fav again, he was watching Lady & the Tramp on TV
This is Stella, Mom feels she's destined for agility (like Onyx) as she turns a leg into the dogwalk
Stella is going to live with the late Mirages people.  Her will have her older 1/2 brother Stan to play with there.

A crowd begins to gather, their getting sleepy now
Oops, how did Clutcher get in yest another pic?

Ahhhhhhhh, makes Mom wish her was keeping one for sure

Lunch was over in moments.  These guys eat even faster than me!!!
Mom took tons of pictures, and tried to tuck Clutcher into her coat but, SIGH Debbie's grandaughter caught on.


  1. Camryn here:
    Your in luck Shy I think two are still available!!! Maybe your Mom would buy you one then you could have one of my dogs puppies!!! That'd be so cool.

  2. Awwwww.... you are so right about puppy breath! Until you've experienced the pleasure, one just doesn't understand!