Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cats n dogs...

 Camryn here:
SIGH, Mom thoughts I should share some blog time with a few of our other furleggers and one of the guests from the weekend.  So here goes...

As you can see Ms. Margeaux n Ivy get along quite nicely.  Ivy likes just hanging in the barn with the cats for hours at a time.  They all just chill inside the barn door or on the patio together.  Margeaux gets along nicely with most dogs.  Save two of the neighbor dogs that thinks she might taste like chicken (they eat chickens).  The dogs advertise the fact that they'd like a taste of cat luckily so both Margeaux n Maizee steer clear.  One of the dogs though does like cats, so Margeaux sometimes visits with him when the others aren't outside.  More further on about Margeaux n dogs!

While Maizee adores Mom n likes Grampa lots, Dad she can do without n visitors she completely steers clear from.  Mom found her comfortable n chillin when we had the cookout last weekend.  Maizee also likes dogs quite a lot.  Our gang particularly as well as Emily.
This is Molly, she lives in VA with Mom's girl Jillian.  Molly came to visit with Jillian and had a ball.  Take note of the deflated Molly along with deflated ball in the picture LOL.  Molly only gets to run off lead at her daycare a few days a week when at home.  So coming here with lots of fenced in room was like heaven to her.  She runned in circles forever just for the joy of it.  Molly has only met a few cats, she's not scared of them but, doesn't understand them.  Margeaux who likes dogs also demands they be respectful of her being she's the reining queen of the smaller furkids here...
The first half of the video below was taken with Jillians phone, it shows Margeaux "demanding" respect of Molly...

Took a few minutes but, finally Molly came to realize that Margeaux is boss of the yard. 
(Oh the dirt ring in the yard was one of the many odd "crop circles" of rocks the old owner had a penchant for.  Mom dug up like 200 rocks and is filling them in)


  1. Thanks for letting me meet the rest of your 4 legged family. Such a wonderful place I'm sure my yappies would enjoy a good run around like Molly.

    1. That wasn't all of us even. Promise n Tye didn't feel like picture taking.

  2. We is loving your extended family gang, what cool cats and delightful dogs!

    1. Thanx, sure wish we had some more hooved critters though.