Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now my news...

K, now for the most important news: this be about me, all bout me.  Dad got my pasture all trick wired Sat. night, so before the cookout...
Mom just opened the gate to the pasture.  As you can see I've pretty much got my paddock mowed down.  All it took was Mom calling out "guuurly gurl" and I for sure headed her direction.

I'm a stepping thru this open gate with a purpose.  Kaley the Little who loves horses somehow always knows when something is up at our place.  So, she was there outside the paddock watching.  Mom asked her "so, will she go in and run, or start eating".  Only took Kaley a moment to tell Mom "she'll start eating".

Yup, Kaley already has me pegged LOL.  I walked a few steps in, dropped my head and started in...

Just another view of me doing my best job of helping all that green nommyness disapear.  If you biggify you can just make out the Little Kaley standing outside my paddock.  She's such a Little you can't see her head though.

This is what I did for the first hour out.  Sorry I know to my human blog friends this is not exciting.  To my horse/long ear blog friends there is NOTHING more exciting than a big green field full of grass :)  Gramma n Dad sat in lawn chairs waiting for me to do something else, DUH I gots my priorities in the right order.
Dad agrees with us horses, he see's less $ going to haylages for me and this makes him very happy.  Mom finds everything about it exciting cause a Happy Horse is a Happy Mom!
P.S. please send the Government peoples "get it right vibes".  With the Govt. shut down Chris now not only has a new baby,  a broken leg  (meaning he can't work at the Fire Station), he's also on furlough from his job with the D.O.D.  for however long it takes for Congress and the Pres. to grow a brain and realize all the finger pointing isn't helping.  Mom says when you points one finger at someone, there are three more pointing right back at yourself.  Glad to be a horse with no fingers at all!


  1. Humans make things so complicated don't they. If only they got their priorities right, eating, shelter, protection and companionship.
    Love your new paddock.

  2. Maybe if we makes them run circles n stuff that'd teach em respect. They need some NP (natural politianship) to think before they react!!!

  3. Loving the nommyness of that grass, we is with you on the importance of getting your head down and concentrating on the good stuff in life! Those politicians are weird huh? Sending neighbrays of encouragement to sort their lives out - humans, who knows what they're thinking?!