Monday, October 28, 2013

Me n My shadow...

Camryn here:
So after Mom had cleaned my room, cleaned my field, cleaned the dog yard, the barn litter box (yes, my kitties use a litter box besides my room too).  She was exhausted but, needed something to clear her head and just chill for a change with something that didn't involve poop!!!
Mmmmm, wonder what she wanted to do then?  I noticed her bringing my gonna play gear out to the paddock, meaning my saddle n what not.
She cleaned me up a bit, saddled me up, helmeted herself up and off we went.  We really just putzed around my field just relaxing.  Mom noticed I was VERY interested in what the 20+ horses a few acres over where up to as they literally all galloped to their barn.  So, out came the clicker and my attention was back on Mom.
I'm checking out all the galloping at the big barn
We played at my whoa, Mom always asks for me for at least a tiny step back when whoaing.  We played backing up, we played disenaging my rear.  I am way good at this, Mom pretends I'm a reining horse which is a pretty cool thought.  I think she needs to try to video the scenery moving as I do a 360 sometime!  I even did one very good sidepass which unfortunatly Mom was so "wow, you acually did it" she forgot the click/treat part <SIGH> 
The long ears are always intrigued when Mom n I play.  They holler lots n run around some, they worry that Mom trying to kill me being on my back like that.  I do think they'll get used to it someday perhaps?
We played long time, till Mom realized she had to get dinner cooking.  After I went back to my grass, Mom came out with a lovely peppermint candy for me.  <YUMMY>  Even though with all the grass I been eating she's noticed my cinch didn't go up to the usual number of holes to buckle.  I think I see a grazing muzzle next year :(


  1. Oh no not a grazing muzzle. Human looked at my waistline today and said she ought to dig out mine. I think not.

    1. I know, I've never had one but, the thought is soooo depressing

  2. Oh no, better learn to not eat so much on your own, or you will have to learn the hard way, like Shy. . .although she kept getting the grazing muzzle off and is not stuck on diet pasture for life.
    Yay for mom getting to ride!

    1. I take my fly mask of easy, bet I can do the same with a grazing muzzle!!!

  3. I know and thanx so much. I feel bad cause I'm so lousy at doing those even though it's very appreciated to be nominated.