Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some exploring & some flirting...

Camryn here:
After I'd nomed on my lovely green grasses for a while I took a few to explore my new pasture.  WOW, it's much bigger than my old one and not nearly as wet either.  Sadly lotsa flies but, no skeeters and the breezes keeps the midges away to boot!!!  Whoot, Whoot for no midges "yet".  Not as much shade but, I do gots one huge tree in the back corner, along with my patio and a smaller tree just outside of my paddock.  Lotsa room to explore and run about, LOVE IT!

This be the big cornfield with my shady tree.  Mom says nobody at all will ever build there as it's property is owned by the National Cemetary, only soldiers who have gone over the rainbow bridge will be there.  Sadly we hears the 21 gun salute far to often ;(   Mom explained most are for soldiers who've lived long good lives, though.
A farmer leases the part not being used to grow corn n stuffs on.  I'm hoping he plants hay stead of corn next time.

Took some getting used to the sounds of cornstalks rustling in the breeze my first time back that way, I bucked at it a few times to make sure it understood my power.  I'm cool with it now though.  The small fenced area has some kind of sink hole, Mom had Dad enclose it till he has time to do some digging and see what it's about.  She thinks maybe a tree was there and died leaving an empty space from the roots?

Yoooo Whoooo boys!  Lookee over here!!!  I think that handsome bay roan may like buxom blondes like me...

Yeah, yeah, you know you want some of this boys..
(Mom attached plastic bags along the trick fence so I'd be sure to take note of it's being there)

I flirted a bit making sure they got to see my beautiful awesomeness.
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful or cause I have all this lovely grasses to myself to boot.


  1. Them there boys sure have a lovely view. What boy wouldn't want to watch a stunning blonde show them some moves?

    1. Yeah, I know ;) You gotta come visit, they'll really be drooling with two of us next door right!

  2. Thats some field! Nice and green, with space, the girl done good!

  3. What a great space for a princess like you!