Sunday, April 2, 2017

Home again...

Arrived home late afternoon yesterday, Pippin was enjoying a nap...
He didn't see me coming...

Merlin did, he headed right over for some scritches...

Then he ran over to get Pippin moving lol. "Dude, get up Mom's home!"

My boyz, did my heart good for sure. 

FIL is now resting beside his late wife. Coincidentally, he was buried on Hubs Mothers birthday!  She'd passed some time ago. 
I now understand why he moved back to WV after his retirement. Not just the beauty of the countryside, the hearts of the people. Wow, such amazing people. I've never been so surrounded by caring people. 
Hubs is exhausted thru & thru, now we deal with emptying the house, and the sisters. One who, well let's just say I was thanked by several for quietly putting her in her place after several of her loud "it's all about me" moments. Sigh, always has to be one I guess. 


  1. Welcome home. I am sorry that there was that 'one' family member. It's hard I know.

    1. Thank joy. Hopefully, she won't cause any more grief than there already is. Doubtful however, drama is her way of life.

    2. Some people seem to thrive on drama. I find it exhausting.

    3. As do I. I'll be cleaning FIL's yard while they all do their thing in the house this weekend.