Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lesson #5...

Lesson 5 brought three changes, Instructor daughter is back at home base from wintering at the FL facility, so she was today's instructor. I work well with both & as she's also a Special Ed teacher, she's especially awesome working with my ADHD!
Change two was...
Meet Fred!  Not a pony lol. He's a 15.3 hh Morgan, he's their "Cadillac!" 

 Change #3 was not using the simple ez entry cart, instead a carT that I must say I drooled all over...
Please ignore the chubby lady seated, someone needs to shed a few. Concentrate instead on the setup if you would. Fred, so handsome, that harness buttery soft, and the cart!  OH, that cart!
I was a bit stunned to move from the ponies at first. She described Fred as being their Cadillac, very well trained and honest. Basically, if I didn't ask right, he'd tell on me LOL!  I must've been doing well as the only "telling on me" moments were my half halts, which we just began working on today. 
We started with her leading alongside, note lead rope draped over his neck. The cart has rear facing seats in the back, after she'd gauged how I was doing, she hopped in instructing from behind. I even graduated to trotting!  Wow, such an adrenalin rush and so much fun. At least with a well trained horse it's fun. 
Each harness is just a bit different, meaning each lesson I still have some fumbling going on, hitching this cart is also vastly different than what I'm used too.  The driving itself remains the same, we did switch to notched lines as I've had some difficulty keeping my lines even. I do believe I'll be purchasing a set for the boyz, mad life quite simpler. My hands are getting softer each time, even driving a big boy like Fred, I don't feel I need a death grip any longer. I'm much more comfortable going deep into the corners prior to asking for a turn. I'm keeping my turns smoother, navigating thru cones when doing a change of direction...all in all, I've become more comfortable all way round. And I'm loving it, do believe I'm hooked!  She complimented me on the fact that despite all of today's change ups, including a horse I'd never driven, I was moving forward rather than needing to continue working at the same level prior to progressing. 
I'd had daughter my first lessons, she was very happy with how I've progressed with her mother. Mom had told her how I'd been doing and where we were in my training as well. Mom came in as I was currying Fred after the lesson and gave a high five when she'd heard we'd been trotting. We'll begin working on my hands and "feathering" the lines next time. 
The End LOL


  1. Fabulous. I love driving. Zoe is trained to harness but has never driven since we have been together.

    1. Camryn drove too. Wish I'd been able to see into the future before I traded her.

  2. I'm really intrigued by these driving lessons you are taking. I'm a bit intimidated with all the work involved in tacking up. Some days I'm too weak to simply lift a saddle. I'm sure it takes some know-how and talent to get all the parts in all the right places.

    1. It's very easy with ponies and Mini's. Even Fred's tack isn't terribly heavy. A Tucker saddle is much heavier. Only problem I've had is that each set has just enough small differences to make it difficult "for me."

  3. Replies
    1. Very. Only bummer is I'm only taking lessons twice a month. I may have to change to weekly as I me really enjoying it so much.

  4. A Morgan horse! The only horses more expensive than Arabians in Germany - horse breeds made in America!!

    What an awesome harness. It looks so much more comfortable for the horse than anything I've seen. Did you know I used to drive drafts downtown? Not long, it's crazy dangerous. At one time I knew how to hitch up and parallel park a carriage between two cars.

    Driving in a safe area must be so fun. Driving down the street in our town would be awesome - every Sunday carts go by from several different driving clubs. The cars just have to wait. And our street is covered in horse shoe marks from them trotting. They are such a sight, such work ethics (but don't ask them to stop and talk). Also, endurance driving is very popular in Germany, since most of the trails are roads, carts fit. I bet that is so much easier on the horse.

    I'm so happy for you that you found your thing.

  5. I didn't know you drove. I'm finding it fascinating, how little bits of riding can also apply to driving. Except using leg, doesn't work no matter how hard I try lol