Thursday, April 6, 2017

Horse decision, field trip...

Well, made the decision regarding Cha-chi, the horse that wasn't available but, now is. Of course Mr. Logical Hubs had input. I knew my decision prior to asking however.  
I'm going to pass, being the timing hadn't been right twice for the seller & now for me as well, three times of bad timing says it's not the right horse. 
Being I still of course have the boys at least 40 hours a week, along with the Mini's & I'm committed to learning to drive properly. Where would I fit riding in?  Something would loose out & that'd be me!  Also it makes sense that when/if I look for another riding horse after the boys begin school full time, it should be trained to ride & drive!!!
Someone had mentioned that littlest Grandson needed a cowboy hat when commenting on a recent post...
A trip to TSC where he enjoyed trying some on. None even close to his size however. 

Lil guy has few words, "that" means he wants whatever he's pointing too. 
Spotting the chicks every one in the store knew he wanted "THAT!"  Nope, no chicks came home with us. 
Lincolns preschool had a field trip today. One right up my alley at a local greenhouse. I walked in and ooooh the smell of plants and soil. I do miss the greenhouse but, love watching the Grandboys. 

Lincoln remembered visits to my work...
Very serious planting violas for his Mommy. Green bean seeds for Gramma 👌🏻
Once done planting his seriousness disappeared completely...
They took off from under cover like a litter of pups to play in the rain & stomp puddles. The area was fenced so no escapes were made. 

Lincoln much to his delight had to be wrangled back to cover by teacher. Always the first to go, last to return!

The aftermath...
He barely made it thru lunch & didn't come remotely close to making it to his bed ❤️
You may notice his red/pink jacket with what appears to be a cape?  I'd gotten one to give his cousin Kennedy for when I went to visit. Lincoln had seen it & wanted one too. Sooooo, of course he got one in his size. The cape is actually wings, there are holes to insert thumbs, the hood has eyes and wee wing like ears of an owl. It's become his fave & he tells everyone it's his special coat. 


  1. That makes sense. A day doesn't go by when I don't feel overwhelmed by all of my animals. Knowing one's limits and recognizing how many hours are actually in a day helps. Cute cowboy hat and coat.

    1. Being logical can be a pain though. With 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 Mini's, 2 grandkids, and of course the Hubs. I'd be totally overwhelmed with another as much as I hate to admit it.

  2. it sounds like you made a good decision. I'm beginning to feel like I have just enough critters to keep me busy. One more and I might tip over the edge. I love the coat. They are such sweet boys.

    1. amazing how something as small as a pup can make you realize that isn't it LOL

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