Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Loose dogs...

Yesterday from inside the house, I noticed the Mini's noticing something out of my site line. Both were on high alert, seems more out of curiosity than fear. 
Suddenly two large dogs appeared, they skirted the fence a bit. Then, the largest risks the hot wire & is in with the Mini's!
I had the boys here so was at a panicked loss on what to do!  Just as I'm about to run out of the house yelling, both Mini's charge!!!  
I'm guessing dogs rapid departure was the combo of the hot wire shock, coupled with these two small creatures coming at him with intention. It risked the fence again to escape the Mini demons!  
I phoned animal control who arrived pretty quickly. We live on the county border however & the dogs where moving off out of our county. They appeared to be lost, both wearing collars & after the Mini charge they'd attempted to enter neighbors board fenced yard. 
Glad to know the Mini's don't hesitate to take care of themselves & hope the dogs found their way home. 
Pippin is doing really well with long lineing, I'm trying not to move faster than he's ready since he's probably not had experience with much groundwork. I do believe I have he's going to be lots of fun. Merlin was a bit more skittish than the day before. Didn't help that while I'd been attempting to introduce him to the clicker yesterday, I'd had to quit while he was still concerned about the click. Pippin had untied my 3 knot rope & decided it was his turn again. So, definitely didn't end the previous session on a good note SIGH. I'll reshelf clicking with him for a few weeks, then start over. 

Seems problem SIL is starting further drama!  She's telling the others they're all soon to be rich & while she knows the grandchildren aren't in the will, she's encouraging them to ask, "where's our cut!"  Hubs has explained numerous times that "their cut" is up to "their parents!" While FIL was better off than many seniors in that he kept his bills paid, had health insurance, a small life insurance policy &  he actually had savings to cover his burial with a little left over. Plus several collections of various items that amounted to more a hobby than anything worth the major cash she seems to anticipate. Shot we've not even received death certificates, there are no cuts & we've given the sisters the majority of household items!   Considering this SIL has happily lived off Govt handouts most of her life, paying ones own bills might mean your rich in her eyes?   Explains her feeling of entitlement perhaps. I'm just hoping she doesn't bring her drama along Friday when I have to meet her at the house. 


  1. Can you send Pippin and Merlin over to my barn, say, maybe next November when all the people and their loose dogs take over my neighborhood?

    I feel for you regarding the settling of the estate. My mother wasn't even in the ground and I was being hit up for money and her personal possessions by people who weren't even relatives. But I've also got a relative who lives off government handouts and to this day he is badgering me for his inheritance.

    1. Lol, I imagine they'd love to be snow birds!
      This SIL is hung up on being "the eldest", pretty sure she feels she should be in charge. Never mind she's as dumb as a box of rocks (sorry rocks!). She even started fights with cousins & sisters at the funeral.

  2. I'm glad that the Boyz protected their hood. :)
    Good luck with the drama. I suspect that it will get worse before it gets better.

    1. I yeah, the boyz are small but, apparently mighty. I agree, she's gotten more dramatic with age. I've thanked one of the SIL's (there are three) multiple times for being normal.