Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st big spook/4th lesson today...

First off, while Camryn had her pedicure this morning I practiced ground tying.  Not totally dropping the lead but, letting it just lay on the ground.  Trimmer noticed a big difference today, while Camryn was never horrid by any means, she could decide to be uncooperative.  Good girl Camryn.
This afternoon Danette & I decided to ride the girls over to our lesson.  They've been having racoons marauding in the barn so have live traps set out.  One was on the bridge behind Danette's home barn.  Camryn acting normally,being looky yet interested after all it could be something to eat right!  Just as she got her front feet on the bridge I'm guessing she caught it's odor (one of death perhaps).  Camryn decided exiting the bridge pronto was in her best interest.  She turned into the railing on her left, while Dakota was directly on her right.  As we turned I saw Camryn barging directly into Dakota's hip.  My first thought was SHIT two horse wreck!!!  I didn't even bother one reining or reining in anyway, kept my vision looking forward and sat my seat.  Once it was all over, Camryn was like "whew that was a close one", Dakota was "What the H happened".  Did try again twice once with Dakota leading the way.  Camryn just couldn't get over this one, so dismounted and lead her by, before remounting.  She's normally very non reactive, a live trap I can totally understand her upset.  Especially as she recovered each time just happy to be alive I guess.  As we approached the second bridge she was a tad worried but, fine once she saw no trap so we went on our way.  After our lesson I dismounted at the scary spot and lead her by it several times, till she no longer cared.
Our lesson well, it was like our trail ride "ROCK STAR".  So much better than our last lesson, she'd been in full heat, had been bargy, uninterested, blew me off, just like my daughter as a teenager!  Today the difference was amazing, soft, supple, totally getting it and wanting to get it. Like my daughter as an adult :).  We did so much it's hard to recall it all.  She was her best at liberty, on line we have homework in that she still leans into the line.  I was finally getting some of the line dance like body language which I'm sure helped her to succeed a lot more as well.  It went so well, we ended up working in saddle at the end. I'd like to be able to talk less with the reins and more with my legs.  I've tried doing that on my own with minimal success, I'm sure all the groundwork training we've been doing has helped tons as she began getting it very quickly today.  I can't wait till our next lesson which won't be for two weeks, we will be doing our homework however.  Another benefit to all our work, Camryn is allowing more cuddling from me as well!!!  I feel like I can see us becoming a team, not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but the vision is in sight.  Progress rather than perfection, we'll get there I'm certain of it.

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