Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot weather & hosing down...

It's been hot like August hot lately.  Working in a greenhouse 80 outside means 120 or more inside!!!  So 80 feels like air conditioning to me after work.  And who says chamois are only for cars?  I ice one down and wear it around my neck all day. I do enjoy my job though despite the heat, I get to work with flowers all day.  I did hose down myself today, & Camryn this evening.
Last summer Camryn wasn't to keen on being hosed down.  We worked with the clicker, while she did do it nicely after a few c/t sessions, she just never enjoyed it and couldn't hold totally still.  Last night I decided it was time to re intro her to the hose.  She suffers from sweet itch and the cold water helps with the itches a bit. Plus it's been so muggy at night I thought she'd rest better if cooled down a bit. I was totally prepared to start from scratch with the hose as it had been quite a while since I did more than sponge her.  I was very pleasantly surprised when she not only stood totally still, she also seemed to enjoy it!!!  I'm thinking all this practice at ground tying has helped with this. 
I've also noticed that since we began our lessons, that Camryn has become a willing participant in allowing me to give cuddles!!!  She now approaches stands in front of me, holds her head at my chest level where I can simply step in (she never touches uninvited) and give her a head hug forehead scritch.  This is not the norm, while Camryn has always enjoyed my company and seeks it out.  She'd never before been one to tolerate what we humans call affection.  
My friends have invited us for another ride for Thurs. unfortunately I've already scheduled Wed. off from work & with the new truck payment looming I can't take the extra day off SIGH.  Hoping perhaps on Sunday (fingers crossed).

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