Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boot fitting...

I noticed on our first ride out that Camryn seemed ouchy in/after the stony areas.  Second ride we went out longer and poor girl was mincing her way thru the stones.  So, rather than have her thinking "OH NO, not another trail ride" as she's already not fond of loading in the first place, I had our trimmer come today to fit her for a pair of Renegades.  She's got feet like me BIG!!!  In true Drafy Hafy style she wears a 2WW. 
They take 2 to 3 weeks to come in, once they do Sherry (our trimmer) will come to show me how to put them on and how to make any adjustments needed.
Chose Renegades 1. Sherry recommends them and I trust her, 2. if a part malfunctions I can replace that specific part without needing to purchase an entire boot.  3. Reviews have been excellent, 4. the color variety.  Finding the standard black boot on a trail should one come off I can't even imagine.
So, do I go with Arizona Copper which would great on her & should be simple to find (except perhaps in the fall) or Orange which is garishly bright and nothing like even an autumn leaf?  I'm leaning towards the Orange for that reason only.  It's ugly but...

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