Monday, June 13, 2011

Riding in the paddock...

As our trainer is on vacation & the past two rides have been canceled, due to weather & health issues (not mine).  We've been playing in the paddock.  Camryn has really caught on to disengaging her rear, today I needed her to move & asked her to sidestep, just a simple gesture, she hopped right on over.  I was stunned, what a good, good girl.  Backing is still her best & favorite thing to do, which is great since her weight loss has left her in need of toning up a bit along the topline. 
Today I decided to hop on and take a spin in the paddock as for once it's actually dry enough to do so.  Plus I changed out girths (old one to big) so wanted to ride in a contained area just in case it might throw her off a bit.  Didn't bother her a lick.  So, I wanted to work on turning off of my leg, Camryn wanted to work on backing, trotting, disengaging her rear, lower her head... LOL.  Took her a bit to realize she was only getting click/treat for turning but, she finally did.  I simply allowed her to offer up what ever she wanted but, she only got her reward for doing what my leg was asking.  By the end of our ride she had circling to the right off my leg down pretty well.  Hopefully she'll eventually realize it's my leg & seat that do the talking. 
Had a blast playing with her, I know she enjoys it when Mom gets out the clicker.  It is a pain that her dog is also click trained, & that he loves horse treats however!!!


  1. OK...I'm curious. Did you say that she is click trained to lower her head? If so...please, tell me more!

  2. Yes, she is. I started by placing my hand on her poll. Click/Treat after a few times, I then held hand in place till she lowered her head a smidgeon and went on from there. Her cue is "lower" but, it's become one of her default behaviours. Of course when walking near grass it's her shoplifting behaviour so not so good LOL