Sunday, June 26, 2011

Enjoying our day...

Camryn & I had a new adventure today.  We headed off to where two friends board their horses for a little trail ride.  I'd informed Camryn that it's good to get out, try new places, meet new friends.  Having just come out of season she wasn't all to sure about hanging with three boy horses LOL.  She made sure via her ears that they understood she wasn't easy!!!  Didn't take to long before she decided that Sammy (Kentucky Mountain Horse), Prince (Paint) & Cory (Morgan) were nice guys though.
Since she'd never been to this farm & had never met these horses we started by riding in the arena for a while.  While I could feel Camryn was kind of edgy anyone who didn't know her wouldn't have guessed it at all.  The Morgan and her person just kind of joined us, she was thrilled to be invited along.  Lovely horse, and lady. 
The farm has several barns, with 200 acres, most of the trails boarder the hay fields. Camryn thought she'd gone to heaven and shoplifted to her hearts content.  Mainly as I'd forgotten my spanker LOL.  The hay grew up on either side of the trails and was belly high, so she didn't even have to bend to steal a bite.  We road thru some woods, that of course came out into more heavenly hay.  There is what I can only describe and an abandoned homestead on the property as the owners built newer and just left the original home, barns and equipment to sit empty and untended.  Camryn was cautious with all the empty barns, accompanied by dying farm equipment, tires and various other large pieces of junk about.  She just looked about a lot with no real reaction what so ever.  We didn't wear her boots and the trails were known to be unrocky so didn't need them.
Camryn's only "issues" were a huge tee-pee alongside one barn, she'd been busy checking out all the horses pastured in different areas and the tee-pee caught her unaware.  Along with two minor spook in places.  Once when Prince tried to outrun a deer fly from behind us.  The other all the horses had a spook, we'd returned and were sitting outside the arena, gates closed/door open.  Out of the darkness we heard running and two horses appeared at the gate.  To all of us human and equine they'd come from no where.  It took only a moment before our crew breathed a sigh of relief and chilled again.
While tied at the hitching post with her new friends Camryn attracted a lot of human attention.  You'd think at a barn in Ohio that houses approx. 30 horses that she wouldn't be the lone Haflinger right?  Everyone was "oooooh, a Haflinger", "Oh, is she a Haflinger", "Wow, check out that tail".  One woman came over to chat about Haflingers and while doing so leaned on Camryn's apple butt the entire conversation LOL. 
We all joked that next time if I told Camryn we were headed there to ride, that she'd happily self load in the trailer.  That'd be way awesome.  Though I do have to say each time her loading has gotten easier.  Hubs was ready to rattle the bag should she bulk about loading.  I lead, she followed with no balk at all.  Guess she knows what the bag is about perhaps?  On the way back home same thing only with Lori with the bag.  Just awesome, I have a feeling that with patience and time she'll be up there without me leading in no time at all. 
Oh, I did take my camera but, DUH left it in the truck.  Go figure it would've been a beautiful day for pix from between Camryn's golden ears.

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