Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modeling new boots...

Camryn: "Oh come on Mom, I look like I'm wearing my PJ's with slippers here.  Give me a break would ya"...
Boots needed no adjustments and look their muddy already!
So, if they come off I do believe I'll be able to find them!  I think someone should invent equine boot GPS locator's though...
Very easy to put on and take off.  I let her plod about in them for about an hour.  Took the hose to them after
Camryn: "so peeps do you like my new bedroom slippers?  That's what they feel like, soooo comfy"


  1. If only the boots were pink and fuzzy, it really WOULD look like she is in her pj's and slippers! :)

  2. Pippin wants a pair... Doc, not so much - he says they aren't his color!