Monday, November 28, 2011

Pucker up boyz...

Camryn here:
Just wanted to send a big ol Drafty Hafy Gurl smooch to my boyz out in cyber land.  Doc, Pippin pucker up cause this ones for you...
My eyes are closed and I'm awaiting!!  All you geldings, how does a flake per kiss sound???  Kind of like a kissing booth but, I'll take hay instead of cash!!!
Then after you give me a toe hoof curling kiss I'll give you one of these...

My bestest, sexiest Camryn Diaz smile of adoration!!!  Doesn't the song "I'm to sexy for my halter, to sexy for my saddle..." come to mind when you see these?
Oh, that white stuff on my lips is my special designer wormer lipstick!
Next, I'll beckon you to follow me to my room with just a turn of the head...

I'm practicing for my spring season.  Do you think I'll have a line in the pasture???
I can envision Pippin n Doc, along with Eclipse, Cameron, Jesse, Levi, Sammy, and Prince, any other takers are quite welcome.  The hay loft is full but, we'll find room for extras!
Love ya boyz XXXOOO...


  1. Hilarious! This gave me quite the chuckle! Love the lipstick, Camryn, you are super sexy!

  2. The boys took notice! Don't worry, Shyloh, they have a sweet spot for you, too!
    I especially like the lipstick... or the frothing, love starved horse lips!

  3. There is enough of Doc and Pippin to go around!

  4. Dandy says...

    If only I weren't a gelding......sigh