Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yet, another new boyfriend...

Exciting happenings next door again.  I'm getting another boyfriend!!!  Danette Mom's friend/neighbor bought a new horse yesterday.  He'll be moving in nextdoor over the weekend.  I can't wait to see him, Mom says while he's not a Haflinger he's really quite the looker.

Aniken is a Warmblood a mix of Fresian & Quarter Horse. Danette is gonna change his name, I'm so glad my Mom let me keep the name I came with!!!   He's been being used as a schooling horse, Danette says he's just a lover boy.  She's all excited.  Bummer though that she's going to be selling my bestest friend Dakota.  But, on the other hand being the only mare surrounded by lots of geldings can't be a bad thing right?  Still I wish Dakota was staying, I'm gonna miss her big time <SIGH>


  1. Sorry that your friend is leaving :(
    But being the only mare around is a lot of fun. . .Shy sure thinks so! A girl can never have too many male suitors to fawn over her!

  2. Ah Cameryn, Any horse with Fresian blood is going to be a hunka-a-hunka burning love. Lucky you. Hopefully he is modest. Just shake your mane and tail and he'll be your friend.

  3. Hay there, are you two-timing us?? Pippin & Doc

  4. Camryn here:
    Pippin & Doc you will always be my true loves. But, a gurl can look can't she. And like QHHaflingerGal mentions, he's part Fresian, kinda like George Clooney with hooves :)
    blowing kisses boys for forgiveness xxxxxxxxxx