Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working for Mom...

Camryn here:
Not much going on around here really.  Had a few nice weather days that Mom concentrated on cleaning out the gardens and burning deadfall.  Between the rain, winds and her recuperating ribs those things have been awaiting her attention. 
I haven't been totally idle though (darn it).  We've been getting back to doing some groundwork.  Nothing major due to mud, just longing at a walk, disenaging, backing...I'm not totally happy about it, did offer a few bucks at first.  Mom just kinda laughs at the attitude though.  I'd prefer her to just realize this means I don't wanna and leave it be.  SIGH
Big plus is Mom has been adding black oil sunflower seeds to my breakfast/dinner feed.  Nom, nom, nom I do like these a lot.  Just a little right now she'll build up to 1/4 cup over time.  I get these each winter, so besides the bugs being gone I do look forward to winter I have to admit.  Mom'll also add some alfalfa pellets later in the year at my trimmers recommendations.  Not enough to get me all frisky or anything like that. 
Onyx now has his special heated pad in his bed to keep him cozy as the weather changes.  He has a good coat, but I don't think he's able to self heat as good as me.  I have a very deluxe coat going on.  I'll have to ask Mom to take some piktures of me and my fur to post.
Oh, the new Neigh-bors keep Mom amused.  First off Wa-Chi had another name change, Danette feels the name Jesse suits him better.  Anyway, Levi and Jesse finally got turned out together.  Mom thinks Levi finds Jesse highly annoying.  Jesse is always like "lets play", while Levi squeals "would you just leave me alone".  Maybe Levi being only 4 finds Jesse intimidating, though it seems Jesse is all about just having fun and not being mean at all.  Mom thinks they'll become great friends pretty soon.
I'm looking forward to meeting them both up close.  For some reason though Mom & Me haven't been invited over to work with them. Maybe soon though, afterall if we're gonna be riding buddies it would be a good thing right?


  1. Sounds like winter is your time of year! More food for you!

    You Haffies and your attitudes! Us people can't do anything BUT laugh at them. Be good for your mom! She is amazing wonderful to you!!

  2. We want sunflower seeds, too. Maybe we'll go on a hunger strike until we get them... and alfalfa pellets.... but wait, that would mean we would have to stop eating. Nope... not gonna happen! ;-)
    Pippin & Doc