Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shyloh's fault...

Camryn here:
OK, so since Mom's accident I haven't had to eat from my slow feed  net on account of it hurt to much for her to load it.  Dummy me let Mom see Shyloh's blog (so I guess it's kind of my fault too).  Her gets to thinking that her doesn't hurt so much anymore.  So now, I'm eating from my slowfeed nets again.  BUMMER!!!
On the bright side since it's getting colder I gets an extra flake alongside my net, that's good!
Oh, my new NEIGHbor Levi has rainrot.  Pretty bad I guess, Lori didn't notice till her had the Vet out few days after Levi moved next door.  Also he has scratches on his poor legs.  So send good vibes that Lori can help him feel less scabby from it all.


  1. Shyloh sends her apologies! But you are lucky to be getting an extra flake!

    Have you had any snow yet? We have some flurries now.

  2. Camryn here:
    Nope, no snow here yet. Predictions of lake effect soon though. I like standing in the snow to see how much I can grow on my back!!!

  3. Hello, I think some where I missed the slow feed net. This information is important to me as I have 2 chubby Haflingers geldings and 1 QH gelding who is in the same weight class. The blacksmith mentioned that I would need to be very careful with my boys after she attended a laminitis conference. I'm all about slow feed nets as all my boys hoover feed in. Would you be so kind to forward or write about these slow feed nets.

  4. Camryn, Too funny! I am excited to see how Shy is in the snow.

    QHHaflingerGal, I wrote a post at my blog about a hag bag and got some much appreciated and helpful comments about a few different slow feeders for my Haflinger. You can check out the websites provided in the comments here:
    I hope it is helpful for you!

  5. We totally agree that it is Shyloh's fault. Our Mrs. Owner has only been using our NibbleNets once in a while, when she felt like hanging them on the paddock fence. But now, thanks to Shyloh, she's gone and gotten rings to hang the darn things in our stalls. Well, at least with it taking us more time to eat we don't get quite as bored! - Pippin and Doc