Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vacation over...

Camryn here:
Good & bad news to report.  I'll report the bad news first, my vacation is now over!!!  Yup, cause the good news is Mom is feeling better.  Not perfect but, good enough to ride me about the pasture and it's only been 5 weeks.  Her right shoulder is sored up a bit from riding, & her knows where her ribs are.  But, Mom is so pleased with herself that I can't be to mad bout the vacation ending.  Dad don't know yet, all the RFD-TV she's been watching has made her way antsy to ride. 
We didn't do much, just checked my brakes which were good.  Did some flexing and softening stuff.  My turns could use a tweak, as can my backing.  I'm backing great, just in a circle!!!  Mom is guessing that's cause of her though.  Most likely cause in the Barefoot treeless I can feel her soooo much better, that a shift tells me something differant from what her intends for me to do.  Her butt cheeks are telling me to back in a circle so that's what I do.
Her felt nice and secure in the Barefoot, says it's very comfy.  Her did a tweak to the pommel cause the wide is to narrow for me.  She did a template and it looks like the Xwide might be to big.  Someone on the treeless list suggested stuffing it with a towel, so that's what she did.  Mom is gonna sell a few more exess tack on Ebay to get differant inserts for the Grandeur pad, some that keeps things off my withers more & fill in the atrophied areas better.  For now though it'll do as we're just playing out back a bit.  Tomorrow her's gonna get me a new cinch.  The saddle we'd borrowed was english rigged and my western is now a tad to big.  Her's gonna keep the old one, cause once my atrophy is gone it may fit again.  I looooove getting new stuff almost as much as Mom looooves buying it!  Kinda makes being back in the saddle worth it I'm thinking. Plus you know the saying "If Mom is Happy, Everybody is Happy!!!


  1. I'm so glad that mom got to ride. Hooray!

  2. I'm glad Mom is riding again. Be good to her! Broken ribs are a real pain....... :)