Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tummy ache...

Camryn here:
Word of warning friends, don't gorge on falling leaves!!!  Not that I've learned my lesson however I'm sure.
Lately I've only been out on pasture due to flooding while Mom cleans my room.  Prior to Mom's boo boo she's always leaf blowed the pasture a few times each fall cause there are so many trees there.  Of course this year that hasn't been possible.
Mostly I just move the leaves with my nose to get the grass.  Yesterday though two trees that hadn't dropped yet, let go of the most delightful tasting leaves.  Not only are they tasty but, they're HUGE.  So course being a hungry Hafy I took advantage of the buffet.  Mom was cleaning my room and didn't realize till later that night when her came down to tuck me in.
Mom put me in my room as usual and gave me my bucket of yummies.  I just looked in the bucket, then at Mom, bucket, then Mom....Just the sight of food made me feel yucky. Mom of course was alarmed, I like any Hafy girl don't refuse food without good reason.  Mom then tossed my hay in, I bent to taste it and couldn't bring myself to do so.  I lifted my head and gave Mom the lip!!!  Then I turned to look at my tummy a few times and even kicked at it, my tummy hurt so bad.  Then I thought if I laid down that'd help a bit but, it didn't.  Of course Mom sounded the alarm calling the Vet, she took all my food away to.  I didn't care cause just looking at it made me feel all UGHHY anyhow.
 I was laying down resting when the Vet called saying her was on the way.  Mom said Dr. was coming to make me feel all better.  I was so relieved at that news, I got right up, farted then started looking for my food.  Mom didn't give it back but, I scrounged about picking up the remnants of what had been there, then Mom set up a chair to sit and wait with me.  Dr. Bev arrived, Mom told her that I'd perked up, farted couple of times and wanted to eat.  Mom brought me outa my room, Dr. Bev shoved something little up my bottom, then started listening to and thumping my sides lightly.  I stood there so good, cause like Mom said "Dr. Bev was there to make me feel good" so I wanted to help.  My temp was normal, so next Dr. Bev stuck her whole entire arm up into my bottom and was tickling me inside!!! Each time she moved her hand further in I'd hunch all up.  It wasn't a comfy feeling at all. I looked at Mom in alarm but, still stood like an angel.  Dr. Bev pulled some really dry poo out, seems the leaves had been absorbing all the moisture outa me.
Next, yeah it ain't over yet, Dr. Bev took this loooooong tube, a bucket of water, a bottle of mineral oil out.  Next, and this I didn't appreciate at all, Dr. Bev took the looooong tube and began sticking it up my nose!!!!  Mom's holding my head up, I'm looking at her outa the corner of my eye asking "just how is this making me feel better, please tell me"!!!  Still I stood like an angel.  Dr. Bev mentioned that I was bigger than I looked on account of how much tube she inserted!!!  Next she took this thingy and put it on the end of the tube that was now in my belly, she kept pouring water and mineral oil into it, this went in my belly. 
Onced all the concoction was inside of me, her began taking the loooong tube out.  Each time she pulled I'd cough and make a big fart!!!  I ended up with a big bloody nose.  Luckily Mom keeps paper towels handy in the barn and had just brought down a new roll.  They used most of it to get the bleeding stopped. 
Whilst they did thatI got a shot of bute & Mom and Dr. Bev was talking bout me.  Dr. Bev mentioned that her normaly sedates for rectals and tubing.  Mom asked how come her didn't do that with me.  Dr. Bev said "1st off because she's a Haflinger" (HA! I say to all who think we're stubborn), her said that she'll only try it on one out of ten horses and normally she still ends up sedating.  Her said since I was so good for the rectal she decided to try not doing it for the tube too, which of course I was an angel for as well. Mom, was sooooo proud of how good and trusting a girl I was.  Don't know why she was surprised at that after all she'd said I'd feel better, so course since Mom doesn't "generaly" steer me wrong I cooperated. And as usual Mom was right cause I did feel so much better.   Dr. was petting me all nice as with paper towels stuffed all up my nose, as she told Mom these things.  I guess being as Dr Bev likes me and talks nice bout me I can forgive her all the sticking things inside me from both ends, specially since it was all for good reason.  Plus she said Mom could give me a small flake of hay and I wouldn't starve over night.  I tucked right into my hay like I'd never had a care in the world just a little while ago!
Oh, Dr. Bev checked my teeth on account she's also a dentist and said they're all good and I could wait to spring.  Mom as relieved cause with her not working, and this new Vet bill along with Promise Eye Dr. bills, my needing a dentist to boot would have Dad over the moon!!!!
I'm feeling all better now, but Mom isn't letting me back to my pasture at all now which is a huge bummer <SIGH>


  1. Oh Camryn - I love you. You're such a wonderful girl! Give your Mom a hug from me - she's pretty awesome too! I'm so glad that you're okay!

  2. Yes Camryn, you`re pretty cool! (mum too!)

  3. Camryn---Dandy and I hpe you are feeling better,

  4. What a good Haflinger you are Camryn! I bet your mom was real scared when you werent feeling well. I am glad that you are feeling better!

    I will have to keep the leaves in mind. . .Shyloh likes leaves, too.

  5. Hooray for Haffies! I am not surprised that Camryn was so good - between not feeling well and having a superior attitude.... what did you expect?!

    Glad she's better.