Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gramps and Gramma update...

Camryn here:
A little update on Gramps n Gramma.
Gramps is doing great, he's been released by his surgeon and hasn't felt dizzy at all since his surgery.  Of course he is still 81, so he won't be doing any cartwheels or riding me none.  Though he did say once that if Mom could find away to get him on me, he would!
Gramma's Dr. did an ultrasound today and found the tumor has shrunk yet again!  Yipee!!!  Gramm doesn't want to talk about that she'll still be having surgery though!  She will however talk about any and everything else!  Her secret nickname is "the talking machine!"  She's a real sweetie but, we can really only listen to the same story a hundred times.
Today every sentence ended with "but, I'm not complaining", Mom finally told that if "your sentence includes the word complain, then you really are complaining!"  Gotta go get Mom some Advil I think!