Friday, February 1, 2013

If you can't beat it...

Camryn here:
About the weather!!!  Yup it's been 5 minutes which means it's changed yet again.  So, I've rewritten and old saying to be my new motto:
"If you can't beat it, NAP IN IT"
Mom, being human isn't to thrilled to look out the kitchen window to see me covered in a layer of snow.  She's figured out that if I were cold, I certainly wouldn't be comfy enough to snooze!  Not to worry peoples, I can go in the barn outa the weather any time I choose.  It's just that 9 out of 10 times I choose not to do so.
Other news, a little black cat has shown up at Chris house.  Being he sometimes travels two weeks at a time, & Sam being preggers can't mess with a litter box it can't stay.  They have of course been feeding it and set up a warm area while trying to find it a home.  Mom's been checking in with the Vet clinic she used to work at.  They sometimes take in "friendly" strays, spay/nueter and all that stuff.  Then they rehome them.  Finally they have room for the black kitty so she's taking it in today.  Margeaux n Maizee argue enough amongst themselves, so Mom felt the addition of another in my house wouldn't be the best idea.