Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So true...

Camryn here:
Mom found this on Facebook today and thought is very funny and so true...
Mind you it's not because riding us Mares is scary.  Just the opposite, us Mares gots ballz where geldings don't! Literally, they don't got no ballz!!
 And of course being Mares, we have our own opinions and will from time to time offer up these opinions.  Again not a bad thing because being Mares, our opinions are more often than not, the correct opinion!  Course humans don't appreciate these opinions so much if it involves backing our bum into a geldings face, whilst our human is in the saddle.  Don't ask how I know this! 
Nothing scares us Mares so our humans can't scare easily either as we'll do anything, and go anywhere.  Unlike a few geldings I've been out riding with!


  1. I used to have gelding`s, now and for the last 12 years, always Mares,

  2. True!! Mares do have an opinion about everything! But they are more fun that way :)

  3. LOL I had a mare... once.... yeah, good description!

  4. All Mom's friends cept one have geldings. The friend with mares is where Mom got the pikture from.

  5. My miniature horse mares are snobs! They want to boss everyone around and just think the world revolves around them...of course, I would never sell them either;)

    1. The world does revolve around them doesn't it?

  6. How very true Camryn! Us mares gotta stick together :-)