Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yup, still winter...

Camryn here:
Some talk about how snow blankets the ground, round here we talk about how snow blankets me!
 This was after I shook off all the loose powdered stuff.  I had quite a lot more of a snow blanket before Mom got close enough with the camera!  What's left is kinda icy crystalized stuff.
Yup, I think it's still winter round here!
Mmmmm, think maybe I need a shave?
Ok Mom, put the camera away now so I can eat in peace!
Mom brushes the snow off while providing mid-day room service.  By the time I'm finished with lunch, I'm dry and ready for a new blanket of snow.
Oh, I am beginning my shedding, just a little bit.  So, I know spring is indeed on the way.


  1. Good news about the shedding!
    And those are some crazy long whiskers!

  2. Spring is on the way here too! Roller is losing his coat too.... yippee can't wait for the grass to grow and the sun to shine.

    p.s. we think your whiskers are very fine :-)

  3. Glad you all like my whiskers. The come in real handy sorting for the best bits of hay :)

  4. I like the whiskers. That is some super insulating winter fluff you have there Camryn.

  5. LOL, Kaspin has been shedding for weeks already, just nuts!! Enjoy the hay!