Saturday, February 2, 2013

Only the shadow knows...

Camryn here:
So today being Feb 2nd and all with no groundhog in sight I decided to do my own shadow check.  Promise & Ivy were the judges:
Ivy: "Hold still Camryn while I get a better look"
Camryn: "Well?  Do I have a shadow or not?  Hurry up, my neck is getting stiff girls"
Promise:  "Mmmmm, I'm not sure.  Ivy what do you think?"
Ivy: "NO SHADOW, Camryn has NO SHADOW!"

Promise & Ivy: "WHOOT, WHOOT, no shadow Mom, that means spring is just around the corner!"
Margeaux: "Bout friggin time I say.  Snow is highly over rated!"


  1. Yay for no shadow! While the snow was fun, the cold can go away. What fun you guys have on your little farm :)

    1. Promise, Ivy & I don't mind the cold one bit. Our humans, Tye & the cats grumble non stop about it.